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 The Best in Hardcore

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Ultra Destroyer

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PostSubject: The Best in Hardcore   Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:17 pm

Terry Kowalski stands in front of a window overlooking the parking lot of the crappy motel he, Cole Scorpio, and their road wife camerman are staying at in Daly City. He turns to the camerman, eyes bloodshot.

Riddick Monix tries his damndest to be hardcore. He tries his damndest to look hardcore. He hurts people, chokes people out, spits on people. He helped to put Cole Scorpio in the position he's in, he helped to jeopardize his world title match at Genesis. He helped to hurt my friend.

That is something I will not tolerate.

I already smashed the man who hired you with the End of the World, and now I've set my eyes on you. The same eyes that have looked across the ring for the last twenty years. The same eyes that have been subjected to blood pouring from my forehead into my corneas. The same eyes that hundreds of wrestlers have raked, better men and better competitors than you. I've been in so many hardcore, ultracore, deathcore, whatever the @%$# you want to call them matches that it's a wonder I can even stand! And yet here I am. Here... I stand.

I stand before you not just as a man.

Not just as the Destroyer of Worlds.

I stand before you as the single GREATEST hardcore wrestler in the history of the universe! Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Shane Douglas, Brain Dead, Nick Gage, none of them matter. None of them have taken the abuse I've taken, none of them have kept their speed and their stamina and their skill as long as I have. None of them can hold a candle to me. I'm just a bastard from Flint Michigan, making my stand for hardcore. And that means taking on YOU Riddick Monix. One of the fastest rising hardcore practicing rookies today, you're hailed as one of the best hardcore wrestlers of our time.

This week, I show you why that isn't true. Even though our match isn't DQ, I show you what it means to be hardcore. I'll split your forehead open, I'll break your orbital bone, I'll end your CAREER if I have to. Because that's what I am. I'm a Destroyer. Careers, lives, marriages, I destroy things.

And you? You're what I'm destroying next.

I'm Terry Kowalski. They call me the Ultra Destroyer. I'll see you at the apocalypse.
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The Best in Hardcore
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