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 Things have changed.

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Mike Cole
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Things have changed.   Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:31 pm

Mike Cole is on the looker room, sitting on chair, thinking what's he's going to do to Alex Jester at Overdrive. Cole sees the cameraman and starts talking

Mike Cole
Alex Jester.......Alex Jester is a man who I have history with, we have faced off several times in the past and in most of them, I was declared the winner.

Now Jester. You say that I haven't accomplished anything yet. Well that's where you're wrong. I'm a former AWO Tag Team Champion and while you are right, I had the shortest reign in AWO, but hey atleast I won a title.

But on the other hand started off as a jobber and as you said you made a name for yourself by becoming contender for the World Title but may I ask, what happened after that?

That's right, you went on a losing streak and slowly fade into the darkness, you then left and never came back.....until now. Jester alot of things have changed since you left and came back. I changed my look, Dark Angel is actually on the title picture, something I thought would never happen and most important "you". You're no longer one of the top guys in the company Jester, you're just one of the bunch. There's absolutely nothing special about you and honestly, there never was but for some reason Damon Moore saw something in you, something that no one else did, but now? Now he's gone and you'll have to start back from the bottom, and what a better way to re-born your career than losing to Mike Cole!

This Saturday at Overdrive, you have no chance of beating me Jester. Because after I hit the Cole Finale on you, everyone, including yourself. Will finally realize that Alex Jester can't beat me, one on one.

Mike Cole stands up, kicks the chair, and leaves the locker room as the camera fades dark.

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Things have changed.
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