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 A Sign

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A. F. Cross
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: A Sign    Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:04 am

The shot opens up to show a dark room, lit by a single overhead the light. The occasional flicker adds to the ominous setting, making it feel as if there is something... evil... about this place. Suddenly, the whole room goes dark. When the light flickers back on, an old EHDW Decapitation Station shirt is hanging off of a single rack. A voice from somewhere in the shadows begins to speak.

Austin Cross:
“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” Those words were spoken by a favorite author of mine, Lois Lowry. They were featured in a book she wrote, The Giver. I'd recommend it to you, but I honestly don't know how many of you WEW fans can read.

Austin steps into the light, chuckling slowly and rubbing the stubble on his chin. He pauses for a moment, waiting for his self-inflicted laughter to subside. He then begins talking again.

Austin Cross:
Basically what she was saying was, what happens in your past should not, and cannot, be forgotten. And Martin Taylor's comments about me last week really struck a nerve. Was I really that easily tossed aside, that newcomers think I'M new? I have a very decorated past... as you may remember.

The camera pans around slowly, catching glimpses of old championships. When it finally reaches Cross again, he is smiling, eyes lost somewhere in the past. He blinks, and is back.

Austin Cross:
But, you see, I didn't do it alone. My first match, my first feud, my first title were all involving my opponent at the upcoming Overdrive, a man named Phillip Phillips.

Austin makes a funny face, a cross between a smile and a frown.

Austin Cross:
We beat the hell out of each other, me moreso than he. We bled, cried, and gave our all to UEW, and one of us were awarded a Title for doing so. I'm assuming you know it was me.

Cross looks up, a glint of happiness in his eyes.

Austin Cross:
We struck it off right away. We honestly respected each other. We were friends, because we could take each other to our limits, and still be right around even. We eventually formed a team, Decapitation Station. We were very successful. Multiple reigns as champions, I may add. But when we came to AWO... things changed.

Austin grimaces, a look of hatred in his eyes. His fists are clenched, and the sickening sound of his knuckles popping can be heard.

Austin Cross:
He wanted to be a singles competitor. I respected that. We all want to make a name for ourself, and be the world champion. I too have the same wish. But leaving me alone when I needed him most? Leaving me to search for a partner to defeat world-class athletes such as Cole Scorpio and The Dark Angel?

He looks angry, but a small tear can be seen in his left eye.

Austin Cross:
He BETRAYED me. He used me to get over with you, the fans, then sold out and left me to fend for myself. That... that's despicable. The man you all look up to is a terrible, blood-sucking leech, who has to use others to gain fame.

Austin turns around, pulling a lighter out of his pocket. He sets the tattered T-shirt ablaze, flames licking it up quickly. Austin stares at it, his back the camera.

Austin Cross:
This is a sign. A sign that any friendship me and Philly had his gone. Any trace of respect I had for him left long ago. He thinks he is on a roll? He thinks he can beat me, the man who single handily brought his talent to the attention of the world?

Cross turns around, a sneer pulling at his lips.

Austin Cross:
He must not remember that he has NEVER beaten me in a match, yet I have destroyed him. I've beaten him to a bloody pulp. But he can't, can he? Must've given him brain damage.

Austin kicks whats left of the flaming shirt over, which lit whatever was behind it on fire. The light shatters, so that fire is the only thing that can be seen. An eerie image, a shadow standing in front of the fire casts fear into all who dare look. He takes a few deep breaths before sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Austin Cross:
During my career, I've made enemies. I've made friends. I've given beatings that have ended careers, and in turn, got the same. But the only person who I've done all of this with was Phillip Phillips. I'm not going to lie. During my time away, I've missed him terribly. I even called him a few times. But he must think he's too famous, or too good for me, because he NEVER answered. And I know for a fact he wasn't too busy. AWO had closed down.

The lights come on, from behind Austin Cross, turning him into a shadow. The fire has burned out by now, and Austin scoops the ashes up.

Austin Cross:
Will this match turn into something more? Will it strengthen our friendship? ...who knows. We're the two most unpredictable people to ever set foot in this ring.

Austin throws the ashes into the camera, and when they come off, he's gon

this fucking sucked.

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A Sign
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