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 And So It Goes...

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"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky

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PostSubject: And So It Goes...   Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:33 am

Wilmer Patacky can now be seen stepping up into the gorilla area. His opponent, Blaze Griffin, had just pushed the curtains aside and began to make his entrance. Wilmer looked on, as he was wearing his wrestling attire that he was wearing in his promo earlier. But now, he had a matching vest that seemed a little too big for him. On the back, it had a big WP in yellow font matching the WP's on his jester-style boots. On his head was a yellow and orange jesters hat, little bells and all. On his face was a big smile. Luckily for Greg, he was off for the night. A different camera man stepped up to Wilmer's side as he jumped in place, flicking his hands to loosen his wrists. He turned to face the camera, that big grin still slapped across his face.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky're not Greg! Oh well, that doesn't matter now. This is about the fact that I'm about to step out from behind this curtain, and entertain the world. I am going to prove to everyone that no matter my lifestyle, my attitude, or even just the way that I am...I really am the greatest wrestler known today. Blaze Griffin may have desperation on his side, knowing that he will lose the fans respect if he loses his debut tonight. But, Blaze...buddy. That is not true. We will put on such a spectacular match tonight...winning or losing won't be what makes the fans lose respect for you. When I win tonight, I sure as hell won't lose any respect for you. I'm sorry, matter how much I like your style, I still refuse to lose. You will not lose anyone's respect tonight. You're out there, and I can hear how much they appreciate you already when you haven't even shown them exactly what you can do in that very ring. I'm going to be Warfare Entertainment Wrestling's next impact player. The impact that I plan on making in this company will be bigger than that of some hair versus mask match for the World Championship. Bigger than any tournament match for the Revolution Championship. I will be gunning for for the World Championship, you better believe it. And even if I have to go and win the Revolution Championship to do so, then I will do it. Even if that means eventually going through my longtime friend who helped me get into this business, Brandon Bash. Blaze Griffin, we may be friends when this is all said and done...but sadly, we both can't walk out as winners tonight. And I'll never walk out of anywhere as a loser. But tonight, I don't think anyone will be a loser when our match is all said and done. After the action I see us giving the crowd and show everyone in the back...everyone will know our names. They won't know Blaze Griffin for being the air guitar rocking, air drum beating jumping up in the air when caught off guard like we all saw in your second promo. And I might always just be seen as some wacky guy who should be considered as a joke in this business, but not after tonight. People will see us for what we can do in the ring. And that, my make people believe in miracles. Not sure about you, but that's what I plan on doing. I'm just sayin'...

Once that was said, "Wow I Can Get Sexual, Too" by Say Anything could be heard blaring throughout the arena. Wilmer winked at the camera, readjusted his McNuggets, then pushed the curtains aside. The crowd could be heard going nuts, as the scene began to fade to black with the image of Wilmer pelvic thrusting on the stage...
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And So It Goes...
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