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 Maybe I Underestimated You...

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"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky

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PostSubject: Maybe I Underestimated You...   Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:02 pm

The scene once again opens up to none other than "The Wacky One," "Wacky" Wilmer Patacky. He could be seen now wearing his wrestling attire(read last promo for that, I'm not typing that shit up again). A sigh could be heard from behind the camera, as camera man Greg stepped up, already filming Wilmer as he was stretching for his match tonight against Blaze Griffin. Wilmer looked up and noticed him, flashing a big grin and a thumbs up.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Greg! Hey! How's your eye doing? Sorry I had to do that, mang. But you kinda shoved me into that smoking hot blonde I had just banged yesterday.

Greg gritted his teeth, as he had indeed done that, and now had a black eye surrounding his left eye. He also had indeed shoved Wilmer, accidentally knocking him into Ashley(with whom Greg apparently was supposed to go out on a date in an hour after this all had happened), and therefore knocked Ashley into the pool. Though, the site of her being in a white t-shirt was noticed by both men, Wilmer had made sure to get a punch to Greg's face in before jumping into the pool after Ashley and proceeding to fornicate with her right in front of Greg. Yeah...don't cause harm to a woman in front of Wilmer, intentionally or not. He'll make sure you regret it.

Greg the Camera Man
I don't care, just get on with the promo...I want to get as far away from you as I can you freak show.

Wilmer just smiled, and took the insults as compliments.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Do you really think I could be in one of those!? I've heard they get pretty kinky and pretty intense...

Greg just shook his head in disgust, as Wilmer stopped stretching and looked into the camera.

"Wacky"Wilmer Patacky
Okay, Blaze Griffin. I think I may have underestimated you. You're a pretty cool cat. Get it? Since you're the Windy City Wildcat? Ha ha ha! I crack myself up. Anyways, as I was're a pretty cool cat. I had that same reaction when I saw I was an action figure, too! Just...I jumped around a lot more...ran outside and down the street with it in my hand, screaming out "I'M AN ACTION FIGURE! MY MOM IS SO PROUD!"

Greg just shook his head. He mouthed, "Why, God? Why..?"

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
It's pretty flippin' sweet, ain't it!? Oh, and you were totally right when you said that the main event won't be able to top the show that we put on for the fans beforehand. And I must say...if tonight is the night that someone finally pins my shoulders down for that spectacular three count, and you're the one that's going to do it. Well, then I'll be happy that it's to a cool guy like you. But just because I think you're a pretty swell guy doesn't mean that I'm going to go easy on you. Oh, no! I never go easy. It's either go hard, or pull out! Well...I always pull out...but, still! That's not the point here! Wait...I was making a point out of that somehow...wasn't I? Oh, doesn't matter now! The point of this whole promo is for me to promote myself to victory over you, so that's what I'm going to do. You've said it yourself, I'm a hell of a wrestler. I'm sure you are as well, my friend...but no one. And I mean absolutely no one can match up to my stamina. Can you go a day masturbating seven times, having sex with six different women at least two different times each, jog five miles, walk two miles, bicycle three miles and still have time to chow down five meals a day? Because I do this routine every day...just add wrestling in there at least four days a week, as well as producing and filming at some point each day.'s a hard life being a wrestler, a porn producer as well as being a male sex symbol. I may not be in all the magazines, but trust me...I've had more women in a week than most of the men in this company have had in their life time. I'm just sayin'...for reals, yo. I'm a big deal, even if people don't really see it. I've been in this business for six years now, off and on. And never...NEVER have I ever been pinned or forced to tap out. Tossed over the top ropes in a battle royal? Sure. But that's not an actual loss. I won a World Championship in my very first match. How many people can say that shit, mang? Not many. But I can. Seriously, I just said it. Blaze Griffin. May the best man win. I, sadly, have to lean towards me being the better man, though. Because if I didn't, well...then I wouldn't really win the match, now would I? I look forward to this friendly competition tonight, as well as hopefully getting fuckered up and laid with some hot babes afterwards at some random club. Until then, Blaze...I'll see you in the ring. I still plan on winning. And I hope we can still be friends afterwards, because I don't plan on losing for a very...very...long time.

With that, Greg started to pull the camera up off of his shoulder.

"Wacky" Wilmer Patacky
Actually...I never plan on losing. Just sayin'...

The sound of Greg letting out another sigh could be heard, before the scene cut to black.
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Maybe I Underestimated You...
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