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 The Windy City Wildcat

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Blaze Griffin
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: The Windy City Wildcat   Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:24 pm

Blaze Griffin is sitting on a box backstage, chilling and listening to his iPod. He’s sitting there nodding his head to the music, every now and then blasting out an air guitar or drum solo. He obviously has no idea he’s on camera. Eventually he opens his eyes and notices the cameras. He freaks, literally jumping into the air and falling to the ground beside the box. He brushes himself off, then turns to the cameras.

[color=yellowBlaze Griffin
Hehe….Sorry you guys had to see that. God knows it wasn’t pretty.[/color]

The fans begin to like Blaze even more as they see that he can laugh at himself. You can hear cheers from all the way in the arena.

Blaze Griffin
I suppose you’re here to interview me for my match tonight right? Well. Here it goes. Wilmer, first things first. I have a freaking action figure of myself? Sweet! I have got to get one of those. Now that that’s done, moving on.

Tonight, it’s me and you in the match right before the main event. And no matter who wins or loses, we both know that the main event will never be able to top us. We will go out there and out on a hell of a match. And one of us will leave with one more win, and one step closer to the top of the world. No matter who wins, I’d love to go grab some drinks afterward. The only problem I have at all with what you said is that you said it would be you, and wreck my debut. And I’m sorry, but I can’t let that happen.

Blaze jumps up onto the box again and crosses his legs.

Blaze Griffin
You see Wilmer, there’s a reason they call me the Windy City Wildcat. Once I get into the ring, I’m like a feral animal. Graceful, swift, and deadly.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You’re a hell of a wrestler. And if it was anyone else in the company you were facing, I would believe 100% that you could pull out the win. Hell, if you wanted I’d be at ringside cheering you on. But in this one instance, I have to tell you the truth. You’re going to lose this match. I’m going to show the world what the Windy City Wildcat, The Second City Soldier, can do in that ring. And that, my friend, is win.

Blaze puts his headphones in and turns away from the camera, getting into a zone for his match as the WEW logo fades across the screen.
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The Windy City Wildcat
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