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 Catching a fever!

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PostSubject: Catching a fever!   Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:50 pm

Staring Daniel Creed and the referee.

The scene opens to the inside of an old bar called “Patty Green’s” after last weeks episode of Overdrive. The atmosphere quickly becoming on a bit too awkward for the few remaining partitions. It wasn’t the dim lighting or the rather intimidating Irish bartender with a tattoo of a four leaf clover over his eye. For, in the dark depths of the bar, sat Daniel Creed, who had just one his first match in WEW and the ref from earlier that night.


Their voices combined to make a horrifying karaoke version of a song that could have only been written in the furthest depths of hell. Empty beer bottles and mugs littered their small section of the bar. As their song came to an end, Daniel Creed gestured for two more beers. As the bartender brought over two cold mugs filled with ice cold beer, the already drunk ref slammed his hands on the bar in excitement.

Let me tell you something mister. You…you are going to go places. Trust me, I have an eye for these things…and my other eye too. Your victory tonight was just simply amaaaazing. I mean, a roll up pin is easy, but it takes some serious strength to keep a guy like SKY pinned when the match has barley even just started! I can’t wait to see you take down that…that…that Jamie O’Hara next week. He doesn’t stand a single chance against someone like you. You will dominate him. You will beat the living hell out of him. YOU WILL RULE HIM!
Daniel Creed couldn’t help but laugh at his new light weight friend.

Calm down there ref. I ‘preciate all the enthusiasm, but…

No…No…you calm down. You always say you will put on a good show and boy howdy…you Texas people always say that right? Well, boy howdy, you do. Even when it’s something as short as last match. The crowed loves you. That will send you to victory upon victory upon victory upon victory. It’s like you are He-Man and the fans are Gray Skull. YOU HAVE THERE POWER!!!!

The ref raised his full glass up over his head, mimicking the old ‘80s cartoon. The frothy, golden liquid sloshed over the rim and fell to floor. Creed quickly downed his own, in fear that it would be the next victim in the referee’s drunken tirade. As he sat down the “magically” empty glass, a small laugh escaped him.

That’s one of the reason I’m here, to make the fans happy. They spent their hard earned money to come to Overdrive. Sure, they might not have gone to see me, but I’ll make sure they leave glad that they did. The great state of Texas would damn me straight to hell if I ever did anything but that. Besides, my and my brothers need the money. The more I win, the better off I am. Not to mention that I am pretty fond of the winner’s circle. The way I see it, that’s three damn good reasons to win right there, and in a wrestling match, three is the most important number in the world.

Wait…you have a winner’s circle? Why am I never invited? I thought we were friends Creed! I was going to invite you to my birthday party next week. The theme is Beiber fever, Creed. BEIBER FEVER!

The mood in the room went from just a little awkward to “spending an eternity in with Charlie Sheen and Flava Flav would be less awkward than this” awkward as the referee ripped of his black and white stripes to reveal a Justin Beiber shirt resting underneath it. Daniel Creed couldn’t help but laugh at the ridicules looking ref. He didn’t have the heart to tell him that he only knew the song because he had to watch his fellow Reaper’s 13 year-old daughter for a few days and she played it non stop.

Come on pal, it’s not like that. There is no private room or anything, it’s just a figure of speech. It’s more like a rush you get when you actually win a match, a rush that I plan on feeling again next week after Overdrive. Like you said, I have to power of the fans behind me. This O’Hara fella has nothing compared to that. I hate to say it, but it is more like a handicap match. It’s not just Jamie O’Hara versus Daniel Creed, it’s Jamie O’Hara versus tens of thousands of people. He kinda has the short end of the stick.

All of the sudden , the a loud thunk echoed through out the bar. Daniel Creed look over at the ref and saw him face down on the bar, passed out. With a small chuckle, Creed motioned for the bartender to call for two taxi cabs and he threw the small referee over his shoulder and exited “Patty Greens” The scene closes with the bartender removing earplugs and giving a sigh of relief as he started to grab all there empty mugs.
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Catching a fever!
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