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Mason DeAngelo
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Purpose   Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:52 pm

The ticking of the bells played and signaled the start of his intro music. Mason waited patiently behind the entrance until the breakdown hit, and when he did, he rushed out with his arm held high in the air and the usual grin played across his face. He stood on the ramp for a few moments, watching the crowd boo him, before he quickly made his way down the ring. He paid no attention to the fans reaching out trying desperately to get him to high five him. He stopped at one child and grabbed a poster he had made that said that Mason sucked. He smirked and then dropped the poster so the child could not reach it.

Quickly, he slid into the ring, and he ran around it pumping his arms into the air getting the crowd rowdy and angry for him, he loved when they booed him. He kept smiling the entire time and he went to every turnbuckle raising his arm higher and higher each time before he finally went to the middle of the ring and let them get their boos out. After a few seconds he had them throw him a mic.



He shouted into the mic in the middle of the ring and the crowd popped with boos so loud he could barely think.


"Yet again I find myself in this ring envying each and every one of you people out there in the crowd. I often wonder what it is like to even be in my presence. Is it like being around an angel? A super hero? I know it must feel amazing because I cannot believe that someone could stand before the greatest wrestler of all time and not feel lucky. But I digress, that is not why we are here tonight, no not at all. You all want to hear about the match from last week, don't you?"

He smirked and he held the mic up as the cheered, not because they were happy for him, but because they thought that he lost.


"Some people are saying that I lost a match. Are you kidding me? Mason DeAngelo, the prime time superstar, the GREATEST wrestler of all time has never lost a match in his entire damn life and I certainly did not lose last week. Oh no, no, no, in fact, if anything, I won the match. You see Raphael did, in fact, make Ray tap out. He got him in the 16th century stretch and he made Ray Hardyac tap like the simpleton bitch that he really is. But, you all seem to forget, who put Ray down? Who was the person going through that ring last week and dominating every man who stepped before me? That person was me. You see, I did not care who officially "won". I advanced in the tournament and now it is Raphael Di-daddly-no one gives a shit, Brandon Bash, and Mason DeAngelo. One superstar and two side show acts. I let Raphael get the win because I knew Ray was better and that is one less man that I have to worry about. As far as I am concerned the only man who stands in my way is Brandon Bash and he is not a man at all."

He stopped to let the crowd pop once again and he continued to smile.


"So, here I am, ready for my next match. Do they put me in a significant match? No. They put me in another classic Mason DeAngelo squash match. Week in and week out I come out and I perform against not one man, but two, because everyone here knows that there is not a single man who can handle Prime Time, the greatest wrestler of all time, Mason DeAngelo one on one, no there has to be at least two of them. And even with two their chances are still little to none. You see these two nobodies are going to step into that ring and they are going to think they have a chance. If they are smart they will team up and try and defeat me that way, but everyone here knows even if that happens, I will come out on top. You do not become the greatest wrestler of all time by being worried about some triple threat match with two nobodies who have never set foot in a ring with someone as talented, as strong, as fast, as amazing as the greatest wrestler of all time, prime time, Mason DeAngelo."

"Riddick Monnix... who are you? I have never even heard of you, and do you want to know why? Mason DeAngelo would never, and I mean ever, waste his time trying to figure out who you are. If you were anyone, anyone at all, I would have at least heard of you by now but you are just another man. Hell, you are not even a man, you are a grain of salt in the ocean to me. You are nothing but a waste of space, of air, of mass, of life. I would not let you touch my laundry yet alone lose to you. If I were you I would stay at home the night of our match because it would save you the shame of coming into this ring and thinking that you stand a chance. Admit it to yourself and everyone around you, you know you have no chance, and you might as well leave the WEW all together because if I can promise you one thing it is this: I am going to hurt you. After Saturday people will know your name. They will know you as the piece of trash that Mason DeAngelo took out and then pissed all over it. And then after I pissed on it, I beat it within an inch of its life, and then I gave it to the trash man. You know what the trash man said to me when I gave it to him. He said "Mason DeAngelo, I am sorry, but we cannot accept this trash." And I said why mister trash man, why can you not accept this piece of trash from me because that is exactly what it is, it is a piece of trash, and you are the trash man and he said "Because, mister Prime Time sir, there is nothing that we have that can hold something this disgraceful and awful. We would not have this trash, even if you paid us." That is the kind of trash you are Riddick."

He smiled after his speech and the boos were almost overwhelming.

"Now onto our next man. Jared Caine. Jared you claim that I lost my match and I could not even begin to explain how wrong you are. It shows your level of stupidity and it does nothing but further my thoughts that neither of you stand a chance. Of course you are impressed with my ring ability, I am the greatest wrestler of all time, I am Prime Time Mason DeAngelo damn it. There is not a single superstar in that locker room who is not impressed with my talents because they know the exact same thing that you do, Jared, I am the greatest. I could hear it in your voice, you were scared, even when you said my name. You knew, in the back of your mind, that you were talking out of your ass. You say you are disappointed in my rings skills? Well let me tell you something Jared Caine, come Saturday, I am going to put them on full display just for you. Right after I get done with that piece of Trash Riddick, I am coming for you. I will not rest until both of you are pleading for mercy, begging me to stop with the onslaught, and when you beg I will relent because I am a merciful lord. I will relent to you and then I will grant you your wish, I will end the match. I will stack you both on top of each other and I will pin you both because I am THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME, PRIME TIME, MASON DeANGELO!"

His music hits and he drops the mic, a huge grin on his face. He toys with the crowd for awhile longer before he starts to leave the ring.
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