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Jared Caine

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PostSubject: Nonexistent   Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:55 pm

~ Better Than You by Metallica and Jared Caine comes out from behind the curtain and stares out at the crowd around him, his face cringes in disgust. Jared advanced down the entrance ramp and scowled at the bitter fans he was passing, he jumped on to the apron within a blink of an eye and snapped his leg over the second rope followed by the rest of his body. Jared was handed a microphone and snatched it from Sky Brynes' hands ~

Jared Caine
You know I think my first words coming out here aren't going to be transparent or elementary like the chit chat of the incompetent clods I shall be facing on Saturday Night Overdrive, a riddle should suit the environment I have stumbled upon.

I can be found where anything cannot; dead men eat me all the time, but if a living man eats me, he'll die. What am I?

The answer of course is nothing, and nothing is what both of these fools are going to get on Saturday night because I will receive the ascendancy in this engagement, obviously it will be an effortless brawl between the two of them and shall be a pointless battle because of one man, me!

~ The crowd boo at him and he smirks dastardly at them, as if he doesn't care, he then begins talking again ~

Jared Caine
Hush now, simpletons, you are but an annoyance to me and nothing else. Now to talk about my opponents more personally...

Mason DeAngelo, you've certainly made your existence felt in this irresponsible wrestling company we all call Warfare Entertainment Wrestling and I am somewhat impressed by your actions but in your last bout you lost to a man I cannot even contemplate, his name is Raphael Di Acc-, for goodness sake I cannot even bother to pronounce the name of this displeasure. Mason I am disappointed in your ring skills currently and hope to see you step up you game in our match, but unluckily for you that happening is an uncertainty.

~ The crowd continue to listen but they listen in irritation and Jared laughs at them all in satisfaction ~

Jared Caine
My other adversary, as you might possibly call him, is Riddick Monix, he has the sight of a homeless person and assumably smells exactly like one too. Riddick I am not sorry at all if I offend you because you deserve it, no matter how long you have wrestles, no matter how many wins you have I am and always will be your superior and will surpass you in every way. Riddick is a perfect archetype of a fluke, every victory he has got has been a blessing for him, good luck you could say, I am not going to lose to this man at all, let alone through a fluke. I'm sure you are all growing tiresome of my blabbering on and it shall be over shortly but I have one more thing to say, you two can team up on me, you can try to defeat me through deluding or scamming me but I shall come out on top no matter what is thrown at me because...

~ Jared drops the mic and slowly steps out the ring and leaves the arena as Better Than You plays on the P.A. system ~
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