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 An Eye For An Eye

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PostSubject: An Eye For An Eye   Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:11 am

The arena lighting turns to gold and Michael London's theme "Narcissistic Cannibal" blasts through the PA system and echos throughout the arena. Then Michael London alongside him his bodyguard Artemis comes out behind the curtain and on the the stage. Michael London doesn't look happy in the slightest after losing to his long time rival Ray Hardyac last week. Michael London was in the bad mood that he didn't even do his signature pose and he continues down the ramp making his way to the ring.

[i]Once Michael London arrives at ringside he walks towards the steel steps and began to climb them step by step on to the ring apron. Michael then enters the ring and walks to the other side and snatches a microphone from one of the workers that was handing him a microphone/ Michael London then went to the center of the ring. Before speaking Michael London listens to the fans as they mock him. Michael London shook his head and begins to speak

Last week, was probably the lowest point in my wrestling career. Last week I lost to a man who I shouldn't have lost to, and that man is Ray Hardyac. Due to my lost last week, I have been eliminated from the first round of the Revolutionary Championship Tournament. How in the world can something like this happen to me? I am too good to lose to Ray Hardyac, I knew walking into that match that I would walk out as the winner. This isn't how I planned my triumphant return into the ring. I was suppose to go on to the next round and beat whoever I had to beat until I won the Revolutionary Championship. After I successfully defended my title two times I was going to be granted a World Title match. Then after that I was suppose to win my first ever World Championship. But no, NO it had to be ruin by a man who has been jealous of me. He came into the ring and cost me my match. The man who I'm talking about is Phillip Phillips.

Once the name P2 escape the mouth of Michael London, the fans went off, and filled the arena with cheers that Phillip Phillips finally made his return back to wrestling. Michael London look like he was going to throw up witnessing how the fans love Phillip Phillips.

I don't understand how you people could cheer for a man like that, don't you all realize that he has ruined everything? Don't you realize that he has robbed you all from seeing me as a champion once again? But now it doesn't matter because tonight I have a match against this man. I think this is outrageous and completely uncalled for me to be put into a match with P2. It's not that I'm scared to go one on one with him, no no no. Phillip Phillips should be scared to get back into the ring with me, don't you all remember that Phillip Phillips and I had our encounters twice in our career and out of those two times, I had beaten him both times. You heard it right, I've already beaten P2 for the three count, if you all don't believe me take a look at this.

Michael London points to the titantron as it shows him hitting his finisher maneuver on two separate occasions.

As the clip ended Michael London had a huge grin on his face looking at the clips when he defeated Phillip Phillips before.

You see, that's why I'm scared for P2 coming back into the ring and to face me because I have already beaten him before. But not only that but during our second encounter he left on a stretcher. Michael London, I'm telling you right now, do not go through with this match. Phillip Phillips, how dare you took away what was rightfully mine. How dare you show me up ruining my in ring return. Tonight I'm going to make sure that you regret coming back to WEW picking a fight with me because I promise you if you keep on I'm going to re injure you and make you leave out in a stretcher again. You say that you're going to end me P2, well tonight I'll prove once again that between you and I'm just better than you intellectually and physically, there's no way in hell that you will embarrass me for the second time.

A smirk appears on the face of Michael London as he observes the fans once more observing their facial expressions and he looks at Artemis as she looks at him in confidence that he will beat Phillip Phillips for the third time. Michael London once again brings the microphone near his mouth and begins to speak.

Phillip Phillips you know what they an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth because I'm going to do ten times the pain and heartbreak that you caused me, and I promise you that you will get yours tonight.

Once Michael London drops the microphone his music begins to blasts through the PA system as he looks at the fans with determination in his eyes. Artemis went up to him and pat him on his shoulder and both London and Artemis went and exits the ring and walking up the ramp heading backstage.
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An Eye For An Eye
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