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 Advancing On, No Matter What

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Brandon Bash
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PostSubject: Advancing On, No Matter What   Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:37 am

The scene opens up after a click is heard coming from me turning on my camera. You can see from my point of view the inside of my 2000 Dodge Viper GTS. For a twelve year old car, I kept it in top notch condition. It seemed as if it were brand new. You can see from the hood that it's white with two small black racing stripes going down the middle. I turned the camera around and sat it down on the dashboard. You could only see from my chest up. I was wearing a black t-shirt with the letters W.E.T in white blood splatter-type font. Underneath in small, similar font it read Wrestling's Elite Team. A pair of aviators hid my dark green eyes from being seen, as my hair was slightly gelled and styled. My jaw could be seen clenching off and on, as I chewed on a piece of gum as my trademark sadistic grin crept across my face.

"And so it was said, that this Saturday night at the second episode of Warfare Entertainment Wrestling's Overdrive, that only three of the four remaining men in the Revolution Championship Tournament shall advance. Now, if you actually watched the first matches of this tournament...then it's obvious on who will be advancing. And I could care less about two others in this they obviously could care less about myself and the man that I know I will eventually face one-on-one in the finals."

I stopped talking for a moment, as I reached over with my right hand to hold onto the camera as I made a sharp turn to the left, using my left hand to turn the wheel. I flashed a small smile as I waved at someone to my left, releasing the camera with my right hand to do so, before grabbing onto the steering wheel with it once again.

"You see, Raphael di Acciaioli the fourth and Ray Hardyac are just simple obstacles standing in between myself and my real competition. Raphael simply expects for a victory to come as easily as everything else has in his life. He's too preoccupied with bringing up his victory over Martin Taylor and calling Ray Hardyac a joke to see that even if he does surpass Ray and make it to the next round, that he will simply be the next to fall so the real match can happen. This isn't going to be a walk in the park like you think it will be, Raphael. You will be knocked off of your high horse, and I will gladly be the one to do it."

I stopped at a stoplight, and took a moment to actually look into the camera. I tilted my head down a bit, letting my aviators slip down my nose slightly. I looked into the camera with my dark green eyes, and flashed another sadistic grin before looking back up to the road, awaiting for the light to turn green.

"And speaking of Ray Hardyac...I was expecting more out of you. I was expecting that you would do more to prove your worth in this tournament. Glad to know that you and Phillip Phillips didn't have that all planned, but I didn't figure you two had that all set up. You seemed more concerned about Raphael forgetting to mention you than the real threat of stopping the so-called 'era' of Hardyac. If you don't step up with your A-game, Ray...your era will be very short-lived and overshadowed by Raphael's ego alone. Whichever of the two of you advances along with myself and Mason DeAngelo, Our epic showdown is already set to happen, and the two of you are just in the way. Yet, it shall be quite the show as the two of us try to one-up each other leading into our eventual one-on-one for the Revolution Championship."

By this time, the light had turned green and I was once again concentrating on the road as I spoke. I had pushed my aviators back up on my nose, protecting my eyes from the sun. I was finally getting to the best part of the promo. You can practically nearly hear the excitement in my voice as I begin to speak again.

"Last and certainly not least, Mason DeAngelo. We both know that we will be the one's going on to the finals. It was decided the moment that you opened your mouth and let my name slip out of it. You claim that I had a squash match, while you proved yourself against two opponents. You know, it's funny...because I could have sworn you were the one with the squash match. I was impressed with your skill, because not just anybody could make easy work out of Austin Jacobs. But anyone could agree that Kendrick Williams was more impressive than the man you pinned, Zack Prayre. You're seriously bragging about pinning him to advance in this tournament? Seriously? You're already starting to disappoint me, Mason. No offense to Zack, but I would rather face off against K-Will again before stepping into the ring with the 'Zack Man.' If he wants to change my opinion, I will gladly show him that he's nothing in the ring compared to the likes of me. And Mason...I am actually counting down the days that I get to break your ego just like I did to Kendrick's last Saturday. That's something that I do best in the ring, Mason. I show the world that the one's who claim to be the greatest, are nothing but big talkers that just can't back up the words they speak. Do I believe you're different than all of the others that I have faced in the passed twelve years? Sure, I'll give you that. I believe that you will be the first man to give me a challenge since I have returned to the ring in November. But do I believe that you will actually beat me? If I did, then I would practically be admitting my defeat by doing so. Yet, excites me to think that you could even come close to doing so. But...seeing as how we know that it will be us in the finals. I propose this to you, Mason. Of course, we would need the big guys' permission if you agree. But when we make it to the finals, and we face off for the Revolution Championship at Warfare Entertainment Wrestling's first ever pay-per-view...I propose we make it a best two out of three falls match. That way, neither of us can make any excuses after losing. Plus, I'm sure it will simply steal the show. At the end of the night, no matter who makes it to the finals in the World Championship Tournament...everyone will be talking about our match for the Revolution Championship. Seeing as how it means that whoever wins could go on to face the World Champion after four successful title defenses, I would gladly be able to say I defeated one of the best in this company before going on to face the 'best' in the company. Though, in my honest opinion, titles don't mean shit. So, Mason...what do you say? Do you accept my stipulation for our eventual match? Or, perhaps you have a better stipulation in mind? Of course, I have no problem with a good ol' fashioned regular match. I'm looking forward to hearing your answer, and whatever else you have to say. Same goes to you, Raphael. And you, Ray. Because, so far...neither of you have made me think otherwise that it will indeed end up be myself and Mason in the finals. Until either of you prove otherwise, I will enjoy trying to one up Mason at your expense."

I had stopped now, and shut off the engine. Obviously at my destination. I once again looked into the camera after picking it up into my hands. I kept it pointed at my face.

"And just so you know,'s not I who prays. It is you, and anyone else who knows they will be stepping into the ring with me who has to pray for God's mercy. Only for me to answer your Wicked Prayer, Ray. You may think I'm demonic, but demonic doesn't describe me one bit. For I am your reaper, waiting to show you to your own demise."

I opened the car door and stepped out into the outside of my car. I shut the door to my car, and pointed the camera towards the Oracle Arena. I turned the camera back to my face, as I flashed another sadistic grin, letting it grow into that of an actual smile.

"And just remember this simple fact that I have stated before. I don't make threats. I make fucking promises."

Just then, a click could be heard. The scene faded to black, as the promo came to an end on the W.E.W website...

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Advancing On, No Matter What
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