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 An Alley Of Shadow

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The Dark Angel
Certified Anarchist
Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: An Alley Of Shadow   Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:28 pm

The camera cut in with the camera rushing to keep up with Dark Angel and Lust, walking fast along the side of a brick wall. The night was black, and only the light of the camera made things visible. It soon became apparent that this brick wall was the back of the arena. The cameraman. struggling to keep up with the two. was panting heavily. He was probably overweight...

Cameraman: Uhh...Dark Angel, where are you going?

Be quiet, follow and stay behind. If you had any scrap of logic in you, you'd know where I'm going.

They came to a stop at a wooden table. Atop it, a lit wax candle and a box of cigars. DA stood staring out of camerashot, and with a panning of the camera, it became clear why.

Cole Scorpio, with a lit cigar in his mouth.

Well Scorpio, you have my attention. Discuss.

To Be Continued : Cole Scorpio
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PostSubject: Re: An Alley Of Shadow   Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:10 pm

Cole Scorpio was dressed similar to how he always was. Wearing a Roberto Clemente Pittsburg Pirates jersey, worn jeans with specks of blood from various street fights, and combat boots that had knocked many a jaw in. His jersey is open, with his AWO T-Shirt on underneath. He puffs, and then takes a bottle of scotch out from under the table along with four glasses. He pours the scotch into each glass, and then hands one to a figure standing in the shadows. He offers one to the cameraman, who refuses. He offers one to Dark Angel, who simply stares at Cole. He takes a sip to ease his nerves, before he begins to speak.

It's hard to believe, isn't it Angel? That this... this is the place where HEEL was born. I certainly didn't believe it, when I was told. When I was told that while in a fever dream that I cannot recollect the memories of my actions from, I founded an insidious stable bent on taking over AWO. Bent on stealing control of the company. When I was told that during this fever dream I had ended careers, gotten people fired, and betrayed my friends. That I had won a tag team championship in this state... with you. When I was told all of this, of your brainwashing, of Austin Cross's attack, would you like to know what my reaction was? Would you like to know if I wailed to the heavens, if I cursed revenge on all of mankind for betraying me into your insidious clutches, if I decided to try and walk off the face of the Earth? I'll tell you what my reaction was.

I lit a cigar.

I had some brandy.

And I pledged to take your mask.

Now, many months later, you're finally promising to give me that shot. A luchas de apuestas match, mask VS hair. The ultimate challenge for a luchador such as yourself, a test of will and dominance that will have major implications for the future of your career. Your face revealed to the heavens, to the seven hells, and for all the world to mock. It's what I want most in life... but it requires me to give something very important up. It requires me to give up my dignity. For one night only... it requires me to team with you. To knock Axle Valentino out of the World Championship tournament, so that we can face each other in the finals. A luchas de apuestas world championship match, as the first main event of a WEW show. A work of mystery and wonder unseen by American audiences. Something I've worked very hard for.

Cole finishes his first glass of scotch, and offers the cameraman's glass to the mystery figure in the background. Sipping is heard, as Cole raises Dark Angel's glass to his lips. As mild inebriation overtakes Cole's brain, speaking becomes easier. The cigar becomes more flavorful. And the sadness of this agreement becomes slightly more passable.

Axle Valentino would be a challenge for you, we both know that. He would be a challenge for either one of us, as a matter of fact! Facing him in the finals would be an honor, I would greatly enjoy knocking you out myself. Embarassing you in front of thousands of live attendees, and millions of people around the globe. But I know that if I want that luchas de apuestas match, I know that I have to keep you in this tournament. If I want to prove myself in a Pay Per View main event against you, I have to take down Axle Valentino. If it was just me, this would be difficult. If it was just you, it would be improbable. Together... we stand a much greater chance of ending the man I wish hadn't come at such a bad time's chances of getting the world title.

Cole's cigar is burnt nearly to embers, as he prepares a new one.

However, that doesn't mean you should get any funny ideas about brainwashing me again.

He cuts the tips of the cigar off.

I have some protection against that.

He sticks both ends of the cigar in his mouth, in order to make sure it won't fall apart.

The same protection that broke your FIRST spell on me.

He places the cigar in his mouth, and lights it.

The destroyer of worlds himself...

He puffs, and blows a smoke ring at Dark Angel. The evil luchador swats the ring away.

A toast... to Terry Kowalski.

Terry steps out from the shadows, and stands over Dark Angel. He clinks his glass with Cole's and both men drink.

Dark Angel... you won't be stealing my friend. Not again. If you even think about trying to turn him back into that monster, he won't be the only one receiving a few package piledriver End of the Worlds.

Terry steps back, as Cole smiles a sad smile at Dark Angel.

So what do you say Angel... you ready to shake hands with a Scorpion?

To be continued: Dark Angel
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The Dark Angel
Certified Anarchist
Certified Anarchist

Posts : 144
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Join date : 2012-01-21
Location : The Throat of The Night
Status : The Epiphany of Extreme

PostSubject: Re: An Alley Of Shadow   Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:21 pm

Dark Angel's head looked Cole up and down, then briefly glanced at Terry. He then glanced to his left at Lust, who answered him with look of confusion. He turned his attention back to Cole

To shake hands with a Scorpion would be to seal one's fate. I'll stick with a mutual agreement for the time being. However bringing in this insipid lout was a waste of my time and yours. He will not be needed.

Terry had a slight expression of anger and clenched his fist beside him, but then shunned it off.

The truth is, I've grown out of you. I do not need to "brainwash" you again, because your only use can be done through your own free will. You want that title, and you desire my mask. The only way you'll get it is by helping me, and quite frankly, that's all I need from you now. Your utterly useless beyond that. But, I still gain more then you'd conclude.

Cole raised an eyebrow as he took another puff of his cigar. Lust looked up at DA, confused once more. It seemed not even she knew everything that went through DA's head. Although his face, of course, not visible, it didn't take a genius
to figure out he was saddened and uneasy too. He was wary of Scorpio, and ready, just in case...

You mentioned your dignity, well it's simple. You see, I want that dignity. I want that dignity so I can put it in a jar and smash it over your head. Smash it into little fragments and leave you to get on knowing I am better. Remember what I said so long ago.

I will always be more violent then you. I will always be the better one. I have extreme intuition, something you can't match. So there's something in it for all of us, even the guinea pig. The guinea pig gets to go on with the delusion he can come out on top, hoping to win the world title. You get my sincere promise of a gamble match. I get to finally bury this wretched rivalry and put it behind me once and for all. In my eyes it's a triple win situation...

He picked up the candle from the table.

...of course, you know better then anyone that eyes can deceive you...

With one small, cold breath, the candle's flame was extinguished. DA dropped the candle to his feet, and it rolled under the table.

TBC: Cole Scorpio
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PostSubject: Re: An Alley Of Shadow   Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:31 pm

Cole curses loudly, multiple times. Each one is bleeped out, creating a loud wheeeeeeee sort of noise for a consistent amount of time. Terry turns on a flashlight that he brought with him, allowing Cole to calm down. Cole picks up the bottle of scotch, and downs what remains. Terry searches for Dark Angel, but finds no one. Cole looks to the camera...


Axle I know you're watching. I know you deserve a world title shot. But I can't let that happen. I'm the best in the universe Axle. And I'm going to get Dark Angel. If you try to stop me... if you try to stop me from getting Dark Angel's mask... if you try to stop me from finally earning my revenge... I will not blame you. But I will do whatever it takes to win this match. So, try your damndest. Give me a challenge. Give US a challenge. I don't know if it will be enough but... don't ever give up.

I'm gonna go get drunk. I'm the motor city madman, Cole Scorpio, this is the destroyer of worlds Terry Kowalski, and we're out.

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PostSubject: Re: An Alley Of Shadow   

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An Alley Of Shadow
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