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Ray Von Vanity
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Deliverance!   Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:04 pm

The scene opened up as Ray Hardyac's shadow stood on the screen and the camera panned to his face.

"So, Phillip Phillips, you're help was too much. Now people will look back at that footage and say 'Oh it was a set up. Ray Hardyac is a coward and fool'. Little did you know I never intended for Phil to interfere, nor was I even told of his return, hell it was quite a surprise to everyone. But Phil, you were right on time to show Michael a taste of his own medicine. I know you and I have had our past feuds with Michael London, and we can do whatever it takes to stop that cancer from spreading its pestilence around WEW. Now that Michael London is over with, I advanded to the second round of the Revolution title qualifying match."

He dropped his marker and starred back to the ground, without making eye contact to the camera

"Raphael di Acciaioli, you forgot to mention me? You scared? Certainly, if you've got "balls of steel" you wouldn't have forgotten your worst nightmare. I mean, who the fuck else wears a damn bathing coat down to the ring? Certainly you're not the monarch of all that's holy. Mason DeAngelo, you've proven yourself. You defeated two other mortals to earn your spot. But you're in yet another big match, a fatal four way. Each one of us with a wicked in-ring power. As for you Brandon Bash, you can keep praying all you want, because deep down, you know you're not worth it. You've sick, demonic, but then again so am I!"

He stared back into the camera letting his hair fall onto his face to create a wicked scene.

"You see this is my time. The era of Hardyac. Winning the Revolution title will just mean that I could become the top dog, the one with the WEW World Title. The face of this company. I came here to win titles. To unleash fury like no one else can! I will continue why I am the ultimate underdog of all the guys of WEW. I'm on a road of utter rampage. I've been a past champion in many organizations. And soon, all three of you will come face-to-face with the beast kept inside of me. Opportunities like these can get your hopes up, but it only takes a true franchise player like me to grab hold of that opportunity to become what's mine, the Revolution champion. That name signifies a revolution. The revolution of the one and only Anti-Superstar, Ray Hardyac..."

the camera fades to black, suddenly the voice of Ray is still heard softy.

"I don't think there's a day that goes by where I don't think I've had enough and there nothing left but desire means never quit..."

Static is seen on the screen now and pans out the WEW logo

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