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 Beyond Good VS Evil

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PostSubject: Beyond Good VS Evil   Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:07 am

Camera team following behind her, Cassidy heads to the locker room of Bryce Griffin. A product logo for Hybrid Venom displayed above his name placard on the door. Inside the room an assortment of random but loud thuds can be heard. Cassidy opens the door revealing Bryce pounding away at a MMA pad being held by a trainer decked out in Hybrid Venom merchandise from head to toe.

Mr. Griffin, a moment of your time.

The training pauses as Bryce Griffin waves the trainer away. The trainer places a large banner over Griffin displaying more Hybrid Venom ads before exiting off camera. Griffin not looking pleased spits his mouth guard on the floor in disgust. Despite being obviously disgruntled, he motions over for Cassidy to come inside. Quickly changing his composure to appear more humble as Cassidy nears.

Recently WEW has been experiencing what seems to be a youth movement. Your team has done a fantastic job not only preparing you for your debut but also hyping it as well. This seems to have angered your opponent Riddick Monix, whose vowing to leave you a mangled corpse in your Overdrive match.

Bryce takes a few moments regaining his breath then removes the sweat from his brow with the black of his gloves. He then proceeds to speak.

Before I respond to the remarks from the hate monger himself Riddick Monix, there are a few things I need to get off my chest. My “team” at Hybrid Venom is not a representative of who I am. Hybrid Venom does not represent what I stand for & what I am fighting for in World Entertainment Wrestling.

The self-proclaimed Aspect Of Awesome removes the banner from around him then displays it for the camera to see.

Hybrid Venom is nothing more than a sponsor. They provide me the funds so I can succeed & achieve. This brand has provided me the necessary tools needed to improve my skills and increase my masteries. Most importantly it assures I can put on the best performance for the fans of WEW every single night. I aim to become the most entertaining wrestler in the pantheon of World Entertainment Wrestling

Bryce then crumples up the large banner into a ball then drops it on the floor. Shortly afterward he boots it a great distance across the room.

As for you, Riddick Monix. You claim to feast upon the people’s despair & suffering. It’s what drives your existence. Men like you disgust me. Your comparable to a pit bull chasing cars except armed with a bazooka. You live to see chaos & anarchy overcome. Monix wants more than just to watch this company to burn, he seeks to witness societies be set ablaze by his madness. No. You’re the reason why men like me need to exist. We send men like yourself back into the blackened pits that you were allowed to crawl your way out of.

Griffin’s face starts growing more intense as he passionately speaks into the microphone. Slowly he starts removing the MMA gloves.

I have personally witnessed what your species is capable of doing if allowed to fester. My city, Metro City was at one time overrun by your kind. Gangbangers, prostitutes, drug pushers, & any other scum imaginable had grasped my city by its throat. Then a few honorable individuals had enough & decided to take a stand. They fought & battled to reclaim the soul of Metro City. Ultimately they managed to cast out the evil from Metro City. I intend to display that same true grit. I intend to take that very same stance against you, Riddick Monix. I intend to force you out of this company before your evil can take root.

Suddenly Bryce Griffin hurly his gloves against the wall violently. Seemingly enraged at this point as he rips the microphone from Cassidy’s hand. He then moves himself closer to the camera.

Bring your entire arsenal with you, Riddick Monix! All of your hatred! All of your madness! All of your rage! It will not be enough. It will never be enough! You will be left mangled. You will be left buried. You will be left defeated! The wicked flee when none pursue but the righteous are bold as a lion. I am the boldest son of a bitch you are ever going to come across. At the end of the night the skies will not be filled with flames created by your path of destruction. Instead there will be fireworks celebrating my victory over you, Riddick. You are going to lose, you lack conviction, & it is predetermined. It is the nature of your kind.

He gazes into the camera as if knowing that somewhere Monix is staring directly back at him with the same passionate intensity Griffin was showing. Bryce then hands the microphone over to Cassidy. She is just speechless after witnessing the reaction from him. Bryce Griffin then gives a sly smirk before exiting the scene entirely. Cassidy then just motions for the camera to cut the feed as the scene suddenly goes to black.

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Beyond Good VS Evil
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