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 Reuniting with Vengeance

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Phillip Phillips
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PostSubject: Reuniting with Vengeance   Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:56 pm

When the new theme of "The Motown Monster" blared through the speakers, the crowd began to cheer. However, it slowly faded when they realized that there was nobody at the stage. They sat in silence, listening to the music, until finally, at the same part of the song when Phillip Phillips returned, somebody came walking through the seats of Oracle Center.

Phillip Phillips grinned, high-fiving the hands of the once-again-cheering audience as he made his way through the crowd with a microphone. Near the middle of the seats, he stopped on the steps, leaning on the railing next to a fan with a Phillip Phillips shirt. He went crazy as the rest of the fans near him whipped out their cameras and phones to get a glimpse of the face of WEW up close while P² himself began to speak, mimicking the ring announcer.

Introducing first... from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... he is The Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, P to the Second Power... PHILLIP PHILLIPS!

San Francisco went nuts as he announced himself, dragging out his name to savor the result. He grinned and winked at the fan next to him as he continued down the steps then climbed over the barricade, high-fiving some more fans before making his way up the steps and continuing.

And his opponent... from some pathetic inbred family in the middle of nowhere, weighing in at six hundred and seventy-two pounds... he is The King of Fail, Too Pussy to be Male, Extremely Weak and Frail... MICHAEL LONDON!

Phillip laughed along with the crowd at his new nickname for Michael London as he headed for center of the ring, then stopped to continue degrading his opponent.

But seriously... this man, Michael London, is the reason why I returned. Not because I wanted to team up with him. Not because I wanted to party with him. Not because I wanted to joyfully skip through a meadow with him. Not even because I wanted to be indifferent to him. I returned here, to Warfare Wrestling Entertainment... because I wanted to make Michael London sorry he ever even merely considered a career in the wrestling business.

As he continued, his expression and tone grew more serious, which caused the crowd to quiet so they could listen to him and pretend they took him as seriously as he appeared to take himself.

Fortunately, I will get just as I wish tonight on Overdrive. Finally, I will be able to fight Michael London. One-on-one. No silly triple threats or verbal feuds. Tonight, it will just be this ring, the two of us, and my rage. My hate for this man is what fuels me. It what inspires me to destroy him, like how I will in our match.

He grit his teeth and began to breath heavily, which was generally Phillip's way of saying "do not mess with me, or you're pretty much screwed" without actually saying anything.

He began to pace the ring aimlessly in circles, running his hand through his hair as he struggled not to tear it out altogether. Finally, he lifted the microphone one last time to finish.

Michael London. You are nothing. There's not much I can say about you. But there is one thing: I will defeat you.

He dropped the microphone and continued back up the ramp, not taking his eyes off the exit at the stage, despite the crowd beginning to cheer again. He seemed extremely focused, but at the same time, infuriated. But about what?
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Reuniting with Vengeance
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