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 I've already won...

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PostSubject: I've already won...   Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:20 pm

~ The scene opens with Matt Knoxville backstage and Christopher Austin comes over to speak with him ~

Matt Knoxville
What? If you're going to talk about that idiot I have to face on Overdrive then I don't care, apparently he can't listen, he calls me scared time and time again but you know what? I can prove him wrong no matter what he throws at me, I'm twenty two and I was an inch away from reaching Championship gold on two occasions in this past month, but because of the companies shutting down, I never got those chances. I lost out on my chance to win gold here but I'm going to get another one and no one including Mr. Generic name can stop that. After being in professional televised wrestling for only three months I'm one of the best in this industry by far, David Maverick says how he "kicks ass" in all his matches but the only ass he gets is his mother's! I just want to let Dave know something for a moment, I never called him old at all, but he may as well have been because he's generic, you can find guys like him anywhere and he's a has-been already.

Christopher Austin
So, you're saying you can beat this guy no matter the odds?

Matt Knoxville
Are you kidding me? Have I not explained that about one hundred times? I could beat Dave Maverick no matter what, whether it be a ladder match, a tables match, whatever, I can beat Dave Maverick. Now Dave you say talking doesn't matter but then how come you've had to come out to the ring three times to get your point across, huh? I come out here to show how much of an imbecile you are and how no matter what you say I will never be scared of you. I can't be scared of someone who's an idiot, looks like they just got pulled out of a bush and talks like a child. I can beat Dave with my hand tied behind my back, I'm five to nothing and he's just running his mouth asking for a beating. I've faced stupid people before but this one's a keeper for sure, he says the same things every time he comes out to the WEW arena. And he calls me an idiot...

~ The crowd boo vigorously ~

Christopher Austin
What are your opinions on Dave personally?

Matt Knoxville
Well, I've already explained I think he's an idiot, but I believe there's a reason behind that. Dave, were you ever dropped on your head as a kid? I just feel really sorry for you, you know? It must be hard having to wrestle every day and know in the back of your puny mind you will never be as intelligent as you could have been, if your mother was more careful then maybe she would have had a son who didn't grow up to be a pro wrestler. Maybe she wouldn't have had to worry about looking after him after being beat down repeatedly, match after match. I actually hope I manage to knock some sense in to your thick skull come Saturday, then maybe you'll stop being the worst wrestler in the world and actually improve, or better yet stop wrestling at all because you've learned that you're terrible at it! Dave should shut up before he's fucked up, which will inevitably happen, trust me, I've faced people like this before. People like Dave can talk the talk but they can't walk the walk, I however, I can, I'm five to one and it's about to become six to one!

Christopher Austin
Now, I have one last question. How do you feel about your loss last week?

Matt Knoxville
Honestly that loss doesn't matter at all because I am going to make it seem like it never even happened by defeating Mr Generic name this Saturday, sure it's hardly a decent victory given that he can't string a sentence together and most likely can't wrestle either. But it's a victory none of the less, a victory I will be proud of whether it was easy or not. Cole won't be so lucky next time he faces me, hell, he needs Dark Angel to defeat Axle Valentino! But I'm going to defeat Dave Maverick all on my own, no one out to help me at all, not even Jessica Sykes. Dave you better be ready for Saturday night because my face is going to be the last thing you see before I knock you out in the center of that ring! Overdrive is going to be your first match in this company and it's also going to be your first loss in this company. Now I know I said be ready but it doesn't really matter whether you're ready or not because I'm putting in one hundred and ten percent and physically crush you, then I'm going to dust you off my shoulders and be done with you because you're not worth any more time than you can spend in that ring with me, and that's not long.

~ Matt walks away from Christopher and goes to his locker room ~
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I've already won...
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