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 I said you were an idiot.

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PostSubject: I said you were an idiot.   Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:43 am

~ All Or Nothing by Pennywise plays through the P.A. system, the crowd wait for Matt Knoxville to enter the arena but no one comes out. The crowd then hear Matt's voice from behind them ~

Matt Knoxville
What an idiot, huh?

~ The crowd look back in astonishment as Matt Knoxville is stood at the fire exit ~

Matt Knoxville
He comes out here, says I'm foolish for the things I said, but what about the things he's said? All I saw from him earlier no matter how much he denies it was blind, ignorant rage. He says I'm ignorant, but it's he who can't string a sentence together properly or listen fully to what other people say, Dave I will NEVER fear a man as stupid as you no matter how much I try, you're just too stupid, no offence- actually, take offence (that's if you understand what the word means of course). I don't care what you think of me because I know myself better than anyone else here, backstage, or at home watching this on television. People have said things behind my back and I know you're doing that right now, because that's what idiots do, they talk and talk then eventually get their teeth kicked in if they don't learn to shut their mouth. You're an idiot plain and simple. I could go on but I think the crowd here have had enough of me talking about you being an idiot.

~ The crowd boo loudly, Matt laughs ~

Matt Knoxville
I guess I was right, now to something the crowd might want to know, as you can see I am at the fire exit. The reason I am at the fire exit is plain an simple, David Maverick could come from here and attack me from behind but I don't care, him being an idiot he'll probably just slip or something anyway! I also have a second reason, you see those security guards in the arena? They're there whenever someone comes out to the ring and starts talking, so they're basically protection, I don't need protection from some has-been with a generic name. Mr generic name wants me to bring it my all in this match, he has no need to worry because I will as always bring it my all, I'm going to make sure you don't step out that ring without a few broken bones because you need to learn that some things aren't meant to be said, some things aren't meant to be said because they get you in a lot of trouble. I thought a man as old as yourself would know that! I mean, I know you're an idiot but everyone knows you can get in trouble if you say the wrong things which means you're not just a buffoon, you're ignorant too! I caught a rare one here, people!

~ Strangely the crowd laugh, Matt then laughs too ~

Matt Knoxville
I know I'm not meant to laugh at my own jokes but that was too funny! Also, Dave, stop thinking of unoriginal comebacks, you basically just repeat what I say but in a more boring manner! I'm of much higher caliber and intelligence than you yet you just deny each time, I guess the truth hurts. Dave I've faced people of your age before and last time I came up short, now I know to never underestimate my opponent, now you may look like an idiot, talk like an idiot and you probably think like an idiot too but I'm going to pull out all the stops in this match, in a few weeks time I may not be WEW Champion but I know I'm going to be the face of this company whether people like it or not. You've probably never heard of Jared Caine but he's got my back, so if you try anything sneaky in our match on Overdrive you're going to face the consequences, consequences being a baseball bat and a sledgehammer. Now don't get me wrong that wasn't a threat...

~ The camera zooms in on Matt's face ~

Matt Knoxville

~ All Or Nothing by Pennywise plays on the P.A. system as Matt leaves through the fire exit, the crowd erupt into ear-splitting boos and Matt laughs as he walks off ~
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I said you were an idiot.
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