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 You have no idea

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David Maverick

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PostSubject: You have no idea   Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:13 am

**There is a silence in the crowd as "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive hits. The crowd suddenly comes alive and starts booing loudly because they already know who it is. Dave Maverick comes out, makes his way to the ring, grabs a mic, and steps in**

Shut up. Nobody cares about you fans. What I am coming out here about is Matt Knoxvile. The pathetic little sad loser that I have to face at Overdrive this week. First thing the kid comes out here and says is that I am nowhere near his standards. Now maybe you have not saw me in past companies, but I am far beyond your standerds Matt. You're lucky to even get to step in the ring with me, better yet have a match with me. Greatness like me is rare. Your lucky to do these things, and you are speaking about winning this match? You have no idea what you are talking about. I knew you were not to bright, but to even think about beating me you have to be absolutely insane. I am not freaking out about this though. I will let you keep on thinking whatever the hell you want to think. But no matter what you think, it does not change the fact that you are wrong, and you are still going to lose when it comes right down to it.

**Dave Maverick looks down for a second and laughs and then looks back up**

Okay should've been enough ignorance from him, but I kept listening. Then he made another idiotic statement. Saying that I have made my prescence felt in the arena, but it is time to take the "Big dog step" by facing him. Haha. Dude, are you serious? I am already steps ahead of you, I do not have to take this step you speak of. I was beating opponents better than you before you even stepped in a ring. Keep on trashing me I don't care. It is not going to help your chances of winning at all. You may not know who I am right now but I promise that after I am finished with you in the ring, not only will you know my name, you will never forget it. You can keep on thinking that you are better than me, and that you are going to beat the hell out of me, but it will not change the fact that you are wrong still. Since you are so cocky I want you to bring it your all. Because I promise that it will still not be good enough to defeat me, and if you come like you are now it will be too easy for me. So bring your all, because maybe then I will have a challenge, even though I know I will already win this match.

**Dave Maverick rests for a moment then looks up and begins speaking once again**

Alright moving on to the rest of his idiotic statements. This might be his most stupid statement of them all. Talking about how this should be an easy match for him in the ring. Okay thats just too funny. I am one of the most dominate wrestlers of all time when it comes to the ring, and that is not just an opinion, that is a fact. Every person who I have to face in the ring I crush. You say that put any man in front of you, and you will beat them. Well there is a man standing in front of you now who you cannot defeat, and his name is Dave Maverick. I can already see the fear in you. You know that you cannot beat me, you are just afraid to admit it. And of course you will run down here again claiming that I will not beat you. But the facts are the facts that I will. And you are jjust going to accept the fact that you are a loser. You make fun of me about my talking. Listen, I may not be the best on the mic, but it is not about the mic, it is about the ring. That is where my true talent comes it. That is where I kick ass. That is where I am a winner. You say that this will be a remembered match. But your reason is rediculous. Your reason is that it will be a short match, because you will win quickly. Haha good joke. I am your worst nightmare, and you should fear me in the ring. Short match? Maybe. But the only reason it would be a short match is that if I am the one who won it.

**Dave Maverick rests for a moment and talks again**

Now moving on to his last part, which might be the most ignorant. He says that he will keep on making fun of me because it makes me filled with rage and angry. Completly wrong however. I am not mad. What to be mad about? This is an easy victory, and nothing to fear nor be mad about. Keep laying on the insults, they will never help you. Because when we step in the ring they can basically be tossed out the window. They will not matter anymore.Losing is not an option for me. I am going to walk in that ring a winner, and I am going to exit the ring a winner. Speaking fo the ring I guess that is where it will all come down to. it will all come down to a showdown of ring skill. So I guess that is where I will see you at Matt. I will see you in the ring, where we will face off and settle this there. Because words mean nothing. See you in the ring!

**Dave Maverick throws down the mic as "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive hits again. He exits the ring and walks up the ramp as he appears out of sight**
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You have no idea
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