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 Darso Extremil Promo (4-way match)

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Leon Young

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PostSubject: Darso Extremil Promo (4-way match)   Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:06 pm

*The crowd were cheering, two of the biggest WEW Superstars were battling it out in a match that would have to go down as one of the greatest ever seen in the history of the Company. Things were better than they had ever been in WEW and it seemed like things could only go up from here. The match ebbed and flowed, back and forth, the crowd enthrauled in the action. And suddenly, it happened.*

*All the electricity in the arena area shut down, the ring, the Superstars, the fans were in complete darkness; except for one light, the titantron in the centre of the stage. That too went off for a second, but it flashed red, 'Dawn of Extremil' was shown on the screen, the reaction of the fans unable to be gauged due to the dark that had by now swallowed the arena. There was a bone chilling scream and all of a sudden, the text disappeared, and it shot to a camera in the back.*

*The camera was in one of the hallways backstage, a red glow engulfed the hallway, and a spine tingling laugh could be heard in the distance; along with a dragging sound. All of a sudden, from around the corner appeared a man, the likes of which had never been seen before. He wore a burgundy red mask, and dressed in a white shirt, and black trousers. The shirt was stained with what was quite obviously blood, the man was overwhelming in size, and behind him, there was a lifeless body, which he was dragging with ease, murmuring something to himself. He dragged the body past the camera and made towards the ring; and uncomfortable and awkward silence now filled the arena.*

*All of a sudden, there was another beakon of light, a single spotlight shined on the stage, the mysterious man appeared, the body still motionless behind him. The crowd was silent, but yet the man seemed fearful as he gazed at what he could make out of the WEW audience. He looked once again to be murmuring to himself, followed by a steely gaze back at the lifeless body that lay behind him, covered in blood. He murmured once more and dragged the body onto his shoulders; before looking nervously back at the audience more; it was almost like watching two different guys at work. The man looked away once more, and looked toward the side of the entrance ramp, without hesitation; he took the body, and slammed it down to the floor towards the left of the ramp with tremendous force; the audience was shocked, whoever this man was, had made an instant statement.*

*The man made awkwardly towards the ring, as if he felt uncomfortable being on show to all these people, during the agonisingly awkward walk to the ring, he began to murmur more and more to himself, seemingly getting more frustrated as he did so; who was he talking too? He entered the ring, and motioned to the announcer for a microphone; a stunned announcer obviously complied through, if nothing else, fear of this man.*

*The man took the mic, and cautiously picked a spot right in the very centre of the ring, which he sat; looking at the audience, fiddling awkwardly with his mask. He put the mic towards the mouth part of the mask, most of which was now covered by thick, matted hair and began to speak.*

Darso Extremil
"What you just saw, was not my will. It is not in my nature to be a fighter, but it is the will of the powers that control me; make me the SICK monster that appears before you today. I am here in WEW to hurt people, not for pleasure, but because that's what is demanded of me. This is a warning to everyone involved in this company, please, do not let me hurt anyone. I can't stop it, I can't help it, they are coming, THEY ARE COMING!"

*The mysterious man appeared to break down in the middle of the ring, nobody was quite sure what they were witnessing, but whatever it was, it was terrifying. Suddenly, the man appeared to give an evil smile, as he reached in too the shirt on his pocket. To the awe of the fans, this man had appeared to pull out a heart, was it real? Was it human? Nobody knew. The man laughed maniacally, and placed the heart in the centre of the ring. The lights went off, leaving the arena in darkness.*

*When the lights came back on, the heart had disappeared, but there was a message written in what appeared to be blood in the centre of the ring, the message read 'Save me, they are coming'*

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Darso Extremil Promo (4-way match)
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