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PostSubject: Sacrifice   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:11 pm

Cole Scorpio sits gingerly on the sidewalk outside his hotel. His forehead is covered in bandages, and his cigar sits in his hand. The young former madman rubs his tired eyes, takes a puff, then looks to the camera.

When Dark Angel took over my mind, when I went to that other place... I became a monster. I can't remember a single thing I did during that time. I've watched the tapes, I've read the reports, I know I was a monster but I can't remember any of it. Injuring people, getting people fired, ending a man's career, I was a bastard. And it was all because of Dark Angel. That's why I've been so fixated on beating him, that's why I've been so fixated on facing him in the finals. I need to prove once and for all that I'm a good person, by ending his reign of terror. By taking away his source of power. There are three things I want in this world right now:

1. A bottle of whiskey

2. The WEW World Heavyweight Championship

3. Dark Angel's mask

And I've found my way of getting all three.

Cole stands, clutching the leg that Alex Kross did so much damage to at OFFTD Phenomenon, the same day that he faced Matt Knoxville. He walks into the building behind him, with the cameraman following. He walks to the whiskey, pulls out the biggest bottle he can find, and pays for it. He then starts to cross the street, whilst talking to the cameraman.

As you can see, I now have one of the three that I want so very badly. Axle, you stand in front of the other two. Axle, you're stopping me from getting what I want most in life. Axle... I'm not going to let you stand in front of me. You're not going to be ABLE to stand in front of me. Because when I enter that ring this Saturday, when I pull all the stops, when I use every move that I've ever been trained to use, you're not getting any closer to that title. You're not stopping me, from getting that title. And you're not gonna stop me from getting Dark Angel's mask either.

Cole enters the apartment building across the street where he calls home, and walks to the stairs past the broken elevator. He enters the stairwell, and sits.

When I left HEEL, I was hoping that I would never have to work with Dark Angel again. Not in a forced tag team, not in a survivor series match, not in a battle royale, not ever. But now I find myself in a predicament Axle. You see, I've been offered a very lucrative deal from Dark Angel. If I make sure that you're the one who gets eliminated, if I make sure that the two of us move on in this tournament, I'll get my luchas de apuestas match against him. I'll get my chance to take his mask, the next time we face off. And if that just so happens to be the championship match, if it just so happens that I get two of the things I want most in life at the same time, then so be it. If for one week only, reforming HEEL means that I get to kick Dark Angel right out of his mask very very soon, then I'm willing to do that.

He takes a swig of the whiskey.

Axle, I don't hate you. I would LOVE to be facing you later down the line. I relish the opportunity to beat the ever-loving **** outta Dark Angel. But this week, I have to give that up. This Saturday, I have to end your dreams and your hopes to get what I need to move on with my life. To get catharsis, you need to get eliminated from the world title tournament. One of the best wrestlers in the world, a man I would otherwise relish facing, and I have to beat the hell out of you. And for that, I'm truly sorry. You're a man I respect Axle Valentino, but that doesn't mean I won't do whatever it takes to finally get my vengeance, to finally get my redemption.

To finally get what I need.

You talk about Mike Cole, you talk about Matty Knoxville, you talk about the two of them like they're nothing. You talk about them like they're rookies, so green that beating them in over five minutes is embarrassing. Well when I was winning my first world title at the very first PPV I was ever a part of, when I was winning my SECOND world title after only about 4 months of being in the ring, when I was being the BEST IN THE UNIVERSE at about a year of brutality in that ring, I know that you don't get to talk about them like that. Matty Knoxville is one of the best wrestlers I've ever had the privilege to be in the ring with, but I kicked his ass. Mike Cole is one of the top up-and-coming rookies in this BUSINESS, and I've kicked his ass more times than I can count! If you want to talk about skill, if you want to talk about embarrassment, then I suggest you wait until Saturday. Because even if Dark Angel and myself aren't at each others throats, even if we're working together to make sure you're the man who gets eliminated, I know it'll be a fight. I know that you're going to put EVERYTHING on the line.

And I know it does not matter in the slightest.

I know that I'm going to be winning this tournament.

I know that I'm going to pull that mask off of Dark Angel.

And I know that I'm the best in the universe, Cole Scorpio.

Cole chugs the rest of the whiskey, before continuing up the stairs. It's a short walk to the second floor, where Terry Kowalski awaits him. The two men somberly walk to the apartment they share with the camerman, as the feed cuts out. And as the screen turns to static...

mua ha ha ha ha ha... the Scorpion will be MINE... heh he he he he he.

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