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 Balls of Steel

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Raphael di Acciaioli IV

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PostSubject: Balls of Steel   Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:49 pm

The crowd booed when Raphael di Acciaioli walked down the ramp, still disappointed after his cheap shot on Overdrive the week before. However, he didn't seem to mind. In fact, he looked as if the crowd's reaction was almost laughable, as that same smirk he always had was plastered to his face.

As he made his way to the ring, he stopped at the barricade in front of a heavily booing fan. He looked at her and laughed pitifully, then patted the child on the back before he headed up the steps, who stared at him angrily as he made his way into the ring, chuckling.

After grabbing a microphone, di Acciaioli just stared at the fans, grinning, but with the microphone raised as if he were about to speak. However, instead, he took a moment to soak in the negative reaction of San Francisco as if they were worshiping him like a god, which, in his eyes, he was. Finally, he began to speak.

Please welcome, your new, soon-to-be WEW Revolution Champion... Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, Bartolomeo, di Acciaioli... the fourth.

He grinned pridefully, showing just how sure of himself he was, but the crowd booed at the thought of him holding any sort of prize in the company.

As you saw, last week on Overdrive I defeated Martin Taylor in the Revolution Championship tournament. Which means... I get to move onto the second bracket. Which means... I get to compete against Mason DeAngelo and Brandon Bash. Which means... I will be your first champion.

They booed even more, and started chants of things like "ASSHOLE" and "YOU SUCK", along with their booing. Oracle Center's audience made sure that everyone knew how much they hated the man in the ring. Wrestling fans have a thing for their opinion being heard.

Oh, no, it's fine. No need to waste your breath. I already know how much you love me. I'll make you all proud when I become Warfare Wrestling Entertainment's first – and only, knowing me – Revolution Champion. If I can beat Martin Taylor, I can beat Brandon Bash and Mason DeAngelo, let alone anyone else who dares cross my path.

The crowd was even more disappointed by his mocking of them, pretending that they liked him. At the mentioning of his match with Martin Taylor, they began to chant "CHEAP!" in reference to his low blow that aided him in his victory.

Oh, please. Are you still going on about that simple, harmless low blow? Let's face it, I would've won anyways... let's take a look back at that footage, I'll show you. Roll it!

He turned to the titanTRON and watched as a tape from the end of his match appeared on the screen:
"Raphael seized the chance and quickly low blowed the off-guard Martin. Hel moved away as Martin struggled to stand after being hit in the groin, the ref oblivious after being speared. Raphael gets behind Martin and did his signature German suplex, leaving Martin in the middle of the ring. Raphael coaxed the ref up, albeit slowly, and once he is semi-aware he went in for the kill. He quickly grabbed Martin's legs and locked in a very strong 16th Century Stretch. The move was tight and in the middle of the ring, leaving nothing for Martin to do. He struggled for a few seconds, screaming out in pain, before finally tapping the mat hard. Raphael held the move for a few seconds too long before finally releasing him and holding his arms up in victory. The crowd booed the obvious low blow, but it was already done."

See? He would've tapped anyways. It's not like I low blowed his legs. If he was weak enough to tap then, he would be weak enough to tap otherwise. Regardless, he needs to suck it up and take it like a man. It's all said and done now, no need to keep complaining. Being a whiny bitch isn't going to get you anywhere. Plus, it was a low blow. Not a chairshot. If I have balls of steel that can take a simple punch like that, you should too. But I guess poor little Marty has tender testicles. Oh well. Your problem, not mine.

He grinned as he dropped the microphone, then adjusted his robe as he exited the ring, returning down the steps and back up the ramp. He bowed as he passed the fans, seemingly tuning out their boos and replacing it with his own cheering in his head.
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Balls of Steel
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