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 Make it? I already MADE it!

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PostSubject: Make it? I already MADE it!   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:18 pm

~ The crowd are silent, suddenly "All Or Nothing" By Pennywise plays through the P.A system and Matt Knoxville comes flying through the curtain, he looks at all the fans booing him and laughs. Matt walks down the ring calmly and jogs up the steel steps and in to the ring, he's handed a microphone ~

Matt Knoxville
So I hear I have been booked against Dave Maverick, he seems like a great guy and all but he's nowhere near my standards, I'm five to nothing in this business and it's going to be bumped up to six to nothing after our match. Dave you've already made your presence felt in this arena but now it's time for the big dog to step up, the big dog I'm speaking of is of course me! I'm twenty two years old, I'm young in my career and I just lost out on a big chance for the World Championship. I could talk crap about you all day long because I have no clue who you are either, but no, all I need to say right now is that no matter how idiotic this crowd is they know for a fact I won't just beat you, but I'll beat you to a bloody pulp in the center of that ring!

~ The crowd proceed to boo Matt as he stands in the ring, he laughs once more, harder this time ~

Matt Knoxville
You know I feed of your hate, fools... Dave Maverick, when it comes to me and you in that ring I will be victorious no matter what, put a chair in my way, I'll break it, put a man like you in front of me, I'll crush him plain and simple. I don't need to cheat to beat people like you, you're weak in the skull. Can you even string a sentence together properly? It sure as hell doesn't look like it, you're probably just as bad in the ring as you are at talking. Come this Overdrive I am going to have MY hand raised in victory because people like you aren't even worth breaking a sweat over. This match is going to be remembered, not as your first shitty victory, but as my comeback and the shortest match in WEW history! The smart fans will agree, because they're smart... the stupid fans on the other hand, well, they don't even know anything about wrestling other than two men hitting eachother.

~ The crowd begin chanting "Matt sucks!" and he smiles, not at those chants, but at the ones saying "Matt's the best!" ~

Oh, so we do have some smart fans in the arena tonight! Goodie! Now back to you, David, you come here, talks smack and says that joking around with you makes the ass kicking more fun for you? Bull, I can make fun of you all week and you'll just be filled with blind rage, making my victory a lot easier and funnier when you're knocked out. Here we go! You're an annoying, uneducated ignoramous! Good enough for you? I hope you understand those words because all off those words are true, just like me beating the crap out of you on Saturday Night Overdrive is. David, if you want you can back out now like a coward, or be knocked out in one minute and look like an idiot. It's your choice, bud.

~ The crowd boo at Matt, "All Or Nothing" plays on the P.A. system again and Matt leaves the arena with a cocky smile on his face ~
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Make it? I already MADE it!
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