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David Maverick

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PostSubject: Winning   Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:30 pm

Winning.. it is for sure something that I am used to doing. In previous companies I have dominated. Losing is just not something I do. And do you think I am just going to let my winning be a past thing and not carry it over with me to WEW? Hell no. I am going to keep on winning in WEW too. I am going to keep on being the greatest wrestler of all time and proving that in the ring.

But I looked to see that I have a match booked against Matt Knoxville. I will be honest, I have no idea who this is. Probably some kid who came into this company thinking that he could actually make it here. Haha. He is completely wrong. His first mistake is having a match against David Maverick. That is a huge mistake from the start. Now he has to step in the ring with a full out dominater and ass kicker. And he is going to regret it.

He may come out here with some shity insults, trying to diss me just like most of my opponents do. But none of that is going to matter in the end. What most people do not realize with me is that when you joke around with me it just makes the ass kicking that you are going to recieve way worse. I do not care what you come out here and say, I am going to defeat you in the ring anyways.

It is not about what you say out here. It is about ring skill. And who in the world is better than me in the ring? Nobody is. I am the greatest wrestler in the world. My ring skills are outstanding and nobody, especially not Matt Knoxville, and even compare to me in ring skills. As for me I predict that this will be a very easy win for me. I will kick your ass, leave you knocked out in the ring, and have my hand raised high above the ring as a sign of my awesome victory.

Now as for you I would suggest getting some practice and try to get better before you have to face me, that way maybe your ass kicking will not be as bad. Either way you are for sure going to lose and I am for sure going to be the winner of this match. So I guess I will just see you in the ring bitch!
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