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Mason DeAngelo
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Greatness   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:35 am

Mason DeAngelo is seen coming into the building with a large grin on his face. After his impressive victory over Zach Prayre and Austin Jacobs his confidence has grown to even higher levels. Before, he was confident, but now he knows he is the best. After his decisive victory over the two he believes himself an unstoppable force in the WEW.

As he is walking in a young fan approaches him with a picture of Mason in his hand. He is waving it around enthusiastically, obviously excited about meeting his hero. Mason stops, a smirk on his face, and he grabs the picture of himself. He looks at it for a moment before he grabs the pen and slowly signs his name on the picture. He goes to hand the picture back and as the young boy goes to grab it, Mason pulls it away quickly, and he tears it right down the middle. He smiles and then rips it again and again until it is nothing more than a few worthless pieces of paper. He smiles at the boy and then throws the autograph into the air and then walks past the awe struck boy.

His music plays suddenly and after a few seconds Mason emerges from behind the curtains. A grin of pure satisfaction is played over his face and he relishes in the boo's that are directed towards him. On the ramp, he lifts his arms high in the air, and he can only smirk as most of the audience boo's him with reckless abandon. He knows why they boo him, he proved that he was the best wrestler that WEW had, but they did not want to believe it. They did not want to accept the fact that he was, indeed, the greatest wrestler they had ever witnessed.

After a few seconds of taking in the boo's, he made his way down the ramp, ignoring all of the outstretched hands. He knew he had fans but they were not worth his time. They only cheered for him because they knew he could not lose, not because he was the greatest. Their cheers meant nothing to him until everyone in the crowd meant it.

He slid into the ring and stood in the middle, both of his arms outstretched in mocking fashion. He let the boo's wash over him for a few more seconds before he leaned over the ropes and grabbed a microphone. He walked around the ring, toying with the crowd, for just a bit longer before he said anything at all.

Mason DeAngelo

"Last week I stood before all of you and I told you that I was the greatest wrestler that ever lived. Almost everyone in the arena booed me and just about everyone thought I was nothing but talk. There was even a few moments where I did not believe that I was the greatest there ever was. But not only did I prove myself wrong, I proved every single one of you non believers wrong as well."

The outburst of boo's made him smile even brighter than he already had been. It was obvious that most of the crowd thought he was a joke.

"I crushed both of my opponents last week and I intend to do the same to every man who dares stand before me in the ring. In the triple threat match last week I faced two of the companies greatest superstars and I dominated both of them..... Well dominated is a bit of an understatement. Neither of those two stood a chance against me and there was never a moment of that match in which I did not know I was going to win. Neither of them had a chance and none of you ever believed that I could accomplish something of that magnitude."

He walked around the ring, not talking for a few seconds, letting the crowd brew on what he had already said.

"I stood before every single one of you and I told you that I was going to win. I let everyone who would listen know that there was not a wrestler in this business who could handle me and when the match time rolled around I not only lived up to the hype, I exceeded it. I showed everyone that I was more than just a wrestler, more than just a man, I showed everyone that I am a future hall of famer. There is no man in this business who can match my skills and I dare anyone to even come close to me."

Again he found himself letting the crowd work itself over before speaking again.

"My triple threat match was only the beginning. This week I face Quentin Knox, a no name who could not compete with me even if he tried. If you would have told me two weeks ago that my second match was going to be against this fool I would have laughed in your face. Not because what you were saying was funny, no, but because I never believed that the WEW would disrespect me like this. I never believed that Mason DeAngelo, the greatest wrestler who ever lived, would ever be put in such a disgraceful match. I proved to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that my skills were on a level unlike anyone had seen. I proved that I was, indeed, the greatest ever and yet my skills go unnoticed. All of you sit up there and you boo me, but you know the same thing that I do, that I am the greatest."

He smirked again as the crowd erupted in more boo's. It was getting to the point that he actually enjoyed their boo's. It drove him and made him want to prove them wrong week in and week out.

"Every single wrestler in that locker room fears me. They know that a match with me can result in nothing less than a dominating defeat at my hands. They know that if they are scheduled against me they will lose in an impressive fashion. What makes it worse is that they all saw me dominate in my triple threat match and every man in that locker room is talking about me. They are talking about how easily I dispatched some of the greatest wrestlers this industry has ever seen in record time. They talk about how Mason DeAngelo was barely touched in his triple threat match for the Revolution title, and yet I still get no respect. I still have to face such worthless competition on a weekly basis. I go from proving myself in basically a handicap match to a squash match against Quentin Knox. Everyone in this arena knows how the match is going to end. It will end with Mason DeAngelo's arms raised high in the air after a three count."

He let the crowd get their boo's out again, a large smirk played across his face, obviously enjoying their negative energy.

"The Revolution title is all but mine. All of the superstars left in the running are a joke. Brandon Bash? He is nothing more than a pretty face who would be crushed by my superior wrestling skills. My eyes are not even focused on Quentin Knox because I know I am going to win. Brandon, if you are listening, I am coming for you. They can put as many men as they see fit in between us but one thing is for certain: we will wrestle. After I defeat every man the WEW puts in my path, I am coming for you. Quentin Knox is nothing more than another check off my list of defeated athletes. He is nothing more than a stepping stone for me. Brandon Bash is my real target, and when I start to get the respect I deserve, I will be gunning for you. I am the greatest wrestler this industry has ever seen, and everyone here should be thanking me for even showing up here. You are all welcome."

With that, his music began to play, and he dropped his mic. He thrust his arms into the air and he walked around the ring, letting the boo's wash over him. Soon enough they would all know that he was the greatest, and when they did, he would never let them forget. After a few seconds of basking he excited the ring, not once acknowledging any of his fans
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