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 Your Destiny Didn't Foresee Your Destruction

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Brandon Bash
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Your Destiny Didn't Foresee Your Destruction   Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:47 am

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

stand beside my father's bed to his right. My right hand grasping onto
his right hand, as he just barely breathed out "I love you, son," using
his last breath to say so. His grasp slipped, as it was only me who was
holding on now. Yet, not a single tear was able to escape from my eyes
as I felt my father's life slip away from me. My step-mother, who was
five years younger than myself, simply gives a shrug of her shoulders as
she lights up a cigarette before walking out of the bedroom. You see,
when you have can get medical attention at home. Doctor
Church, the man who was looking over my father, stood on the other side
of my father. My older sister had already left the room in tears. She
had pulled her phone out as well, so hopefully she's choosing to be the
one to call our mother, who was still business partners with our father.
She was going to be soul owner of the Kendrick National Bank now,
though many think that my father may have left me his share of the
company in his will. Rebecca, my "caring" step-mother plans on getting
the house and pretty much all of the money. If he actually left her
these things, I will be frustrated. That money could go into the
company, to our employees...hell, it would be better to give it all to
charity then to let her have it all to just blow. Then again, that's
exactly what she had to do to be in this situation. She deserves
something, but not the house and all of the money. If it were up to me,
I'd toss her a hundred dollar bill and tell her to keep the change for
all the "favors" she did for my father. He had even told me he married
her for the sex. But she had a way of talking him into things...I hope
that by the time we read the will, she didn't talk him out of

Church had stepped up behind me as my mind wandered. He patted me on the
back, as I finally released my now deceased father's hand. I leaned
down, kissing him on the forehead one last time, and then gently closed
his eyes for him before standing back up. I then turned to Church, who
looked both sympathetic, as well as afraid for his life.

"Church...thank you for everything. For
actually trying to do whatever you could to save him, and for not just
pulling the plug like that fucking bitch Rebecca wanted..."

He relaxed now, as a sigh escaped from his
lips. He nodded to me and left the room. I was now alone in the room
with my father's lifeless body. I stepped over to the window, looking
out at the cloudy sky...there was a storm approaching.

" were the one who took me
to my first wrestling show when I was a kid. The one who let me watch
an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event when I was young...without
you, dad...I wouldn't be where I am today. Doing what I love in life,
being able to support my family doing just well as working the
family business on the side. Mom kicked me out when I first told her I
was using my college savings to go to San Antonio and train with the
legendary Shawn Michaels. You said that you would wire me money
for a place to live, to help me carry on my dream...and I could tell
just how proud you were in your voice when I turned down your money.
Because I wanted to do it on my own, because I hated growing up with a
silver spoon in my mouth. You were the one who believed in me when mom
had given up on me. Your faith in me is one of the things that helped
drive me to do the best I can in life. When Brooke and I were going
through our separation, when Indigo told me he was closing down ECWF, hell...even when The Misfit closed down Bad Blood Wrestling.
These passed twelve years wouldn't have happened without you, dad.
Thank you for everything. I love you, and I'm sure I'll see you once

Friday, June 1st, 2012

It's been a few days since I
felt my father's life slip away from my grasp, yet the determination
seen in my eyes wouldn't let you know that. I could be seen inside my
locker room, sitting on a unfolded steel chair. I had left the door open
knowing that a camera man was on his way. I told him to come by around
this time so I could shoot another promo for my match with Kendrick Williams,
the "superior athlete." I sat with my elbows resting on my knees, my
hands clasped together with my chin resting on top of my knuckles. I was
wearing a pair of black slacks and a white t-shirt with black font on
it. At some point I'm sure the font will be seen, but I'll go ahead and
let you know it reads "R.I.P John Kendrick III." The camera man finally
walked through the doorway. I made no acknowledgment of him being he eventually just lifted the camera up on his shoulder and
began rolling. I didn't look up to even see if the red light was on, as I
let the words spill out without even looking up into the camera.

"You know, I have been in this
business for twelve years now. More than that if you count my amateur
background, as well as my training and starting out in the Texas Wrestling Academy
in San Antonio, Texas. I am thirty-three years old, going on
thirty-four. I've started a family outside of the business, with a woman
I met through the business. I have made many friends throughout the
years, most of them being the ones who have brought out the best of me
when it comes to wrestling, or simply just beating the hell out of each
other. I have fallen over forty feet a couple of times, enough times to
forget how many times. I have been driven off of a twenty-foot drop in
reverse while in the back of an ambulance. I have been a man who didn't
give a damn about winning championship gold in this business, but fought
tooth and nail to win my first World Heavyweight Championship
back in Two Thousand Eight. I am proud to say it took me eight years to
achieve something that I didn't even originally want to achieve. But, I
figured that after everything that I have done in the business...I
might as well finally try to go for the big gold. And I did. Myself and James Champ showed the world that we were the best the ECWF
had to prove, and I got to show the world that I was the one who would
come out on top and prove to be the best in the whole company. James and I grew up together, and I got him and his brother Eli Sykes into the ECWF. I really need to get a hold of Eli and see if he's interested at all in resigning with Warfare Entertainment Wrestling. The point that I'm trying to get across to my opponent, Kendrick Williams,
is simple...I'm not some up-and-coming talent in this business. This
company? Yes. But in this business as a whole? Not precisely..."

I finally lift my head and look
into the camera. My dark green eyes are somewhat bloodshot. Bags can
still be seen under my eyes due to lack of sleep. Yet, there's still a
fire burning in those eyes. Motivation. Determination. Pride. Rage.

still disrespect me? You think that I lack the skill to defeat you?
Yet, it sounds like you're just trying to reassure yourself that you
have the confidence of being able to defeat me. I mean, you even started
repeating things from your first promo there. Going on again about
seizing the opportunity and the day and all that jazz. As well as
telling me to keep running my mouth again. Oh, and yeah...about this
place being beneath you. For someone who's so above myself and everyone
else in the
locker room, you sure do like to repeat yourself. I heard you the first
time, and so did everyone else. So now I'm going to slap the fucking
taste out of your mouth for disrespecting me, because that just seems
like the right thing to do for you making that bitch of a move, K-Will.
Oh, and you better believe that I will beating the respect out of you
tomorrow night...because I'm not the type that takes disrespect all too
well. I'm sure I've already informed you of that, but since we're
repeating ourselves and all...just figured I'd make sure you got it
through your skull. And as for you quoting Ric Flair,
and saying that I won't beat the have it backwards, kid. In
this situation, you're the one out to prove yourself. I've already shown
everyone in the back what I am capable of. You can deny it all you
want, but you're the egomaniacal rookie looking to 'beat the man.' So,
sucks to be you, Kendrick...because
you will not be winning this one, bucko. I am going out there to show
everyone that you are not the 'superior athlete.' You are not the best
damn thing to grace a wrestling ring, and your face will never be on the
front of a box of Wheaties. These dreams of yours...they won't be
coming true anytime soon. Not as long as I stand in your way, Kendrick Williams.
Like I said before, I am going to crush your hopes and dreams. Shatter
that confidence of yours. I'm going to show the world that you are
nothing but a mere fraud. A fake in this industry..."

At this time, I pushed
myself up to my feet. I then proceeded to clench my right fist in my
left hand, as popping sounds could be heard coming from my knuckles.

"A few days ago, I
lost the man who introduced me to something that would become my life.
My father. He was the only one who believed that I would go somewhere in
life in this business. And if you think that I'm going to dishonor his
death by losing to the likes of you, Kendrick Williams...then
you are fucking dead wrong. Yes, anything I've done in this company can
be far succeeded by everything you have done in the wrestling business.
I mean, I only had two matches when I was an Anarchist. This will be my
first as a
W.E.W Warrior. You certainly have done more in your career than I have done in my W.E.W career.
But if you put both of our entire career's next to each
would see that I have done way more than you have. I have stepped into
the ring with some of the all-time greats. I have put everything that I
have into every single damn match I have ever been in...and I'm not
going to just stand by and let some little punk like you come in and
claim to be my superior. I could snap your neck within the opening
seconds of the match and pin you in record time. But, where would the
fun be in that? I have already told you that I plan on picking you apart
slowly. Showing the world your weaknesses...letting the world see me
work away your strengths until there's nothing left of you. And then, I
will pick you up, and end your so-called 'superior' debut with a Wicked Prayer. Because,
may have spoken my name. You may think that you know me just because
you know my name. But, you don't know me at all. You only know a name,
and a face. But come tomorrow night,
will finally get to see exactly who the fuck I am. Many people know my
name the world over. Yet, you will know it a little more than the fans
around the world. For, my name is a name that you will soon fear. A name
you will loathe. And it will be the name heard by all when I stand over
your motionless, broken body while you slip in and out of
consciousness. But, don't worry, Kendrick.
I'm sure you'll come to long enough to hear exactly what my name is, as
I am announced as the winner. For that name, is none other than..."

By this time, I had shoved the camera man back. He stumbled back, but he
kept his balance. He looked at me, wondering what the hell my problem
was. But I simply shut the door. He got the picture, as he closed in on
the name on the door. As the scene faded to black, all that could be
seen was...

"Brandon Bash"

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Your Destiny Didn't Foresee Your Destruction
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