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 Best Wrestler to ever live.

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Mike Cole
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PostSubject: Best Wrestler to ever live.   Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:47 pm

Mike Cole is show in his locker room, sitting on a chair thinking a strategy for his match, Cole then looks at the camera and starts talking.

Mike Cole
"What am I?....I'm simply the best wrestler to ever live. What's Axle? He's just one of the bunch, one of the guys that claim to be better than me when they're not. This Saturday I will not only prove that I'm better than Axle but that I'm also going to be the first ever WEW World Champion! Even if I'm the only one that believes that it will happen. Just like how in AWO I overcame the odds each and every night. I'm the most underrated wrestler in the roster. Everyone sees me as a joke, but soon they'll learn, they'll learn that I'm better than every single one of them because I'm going to be the most dominant wrestler in WEW. No one is going to make jokes about me anymore! Everyone will respect me!"

"I'm a former AWO Tag Team Champion, and you're right Axle I didn't hold the title for more than 3 weeks, but that's just because my partner was useless. I see why Cole Scorpio got rid of him and I know you're listening to this right now Dark Angel. I want you to know that I was always the better man of H.E.E.L, better than Cole Scorpio and better than you, we have some unfinished bussiness buddy and I would go to the ring any day of the week with you, so when you have the balls to have a match, talk to me and we'll settle this out once and for all."

"And going back to you Axle, you're nothing more than a failed, lame and good for nothing piece of shit! I'm going to prove you that I'm not only talk but that I'm serious business in the ring too. I'm going to humilliate you right in front of your so called "fans" and after that, you'll realize that you made the worst mistake of your life by getting in my way, some people like Randy Reaume learned it the hard way. One does not simply mess with Mike Cole!"

Mike Cole stands up and leaves the locker room as the camera fades black
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Best Wrestler to ever live.
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