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 My Destiny

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Kendrick Williams

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PostSubject: My Destiny   Thu May 31, 2012 9:40 pm

The scene slowly fades open as the sun rises over the hills of Oakland that surrounds the home of Kendrick Williams. marking dawn and the start of a new day. A private estate rests upon one of these hills, flanked by two Palm trees hat shrouded the home. Sunlight penetrating through the gaps between the leaves, filling the estate with a glowing aurora. Inside the estate, a man sits in an arm chair, looking out over the hills at a awaiting city . His ‘5 o’clock shadow’, long and rather thick hair paints an image of a familiar character Kendrick Williams . The sun continues to rise and Kendrick continues to stare out onto the plains, pondering thoughts in his mind. 

Rather odd location, yet a rather cliché, storybook feel atmosphere. Two giant palm trees and a shady mansion. The planks of wood that were used to build fires in thishome rot as it tests Mother Nature’s destruction. How long it’s been here, only God knows. How it still stands, only God knows. However the peace and tranquility that comes with it is something to be believed. It’s a home away from home away from home; call it home ception if you like. This is a place that allows me to think about past victories, past defeats and past moments. 

Destiny. What is “destiny”? A predetermined set of events or a predetermined future? Or perhaps it’s a concept created by those who wish to believe they have some good in their future which is inevitably filled with utter failure and a simple downfall? I for one don’t believe in a true destiny. A man rises to the occasion and it’s only down to his ability to succeed which determines if it was destiny, or just an ego boost. It’s exactly what I do. Talk is for the weak. Talk it for those who can’t manage to seize opportunities, seize moments or seize the day. 

It’s a sad fate those who have step toe to toe with me on , Brandon Bash will become a stepping stone on my rise to the top. The cocky and egotistical have stepped forth in the form of Brandon , a man who believed they reigned supreme in the federation despite their lack of skill. A great man once said that in this company, there are those who are moronically fueled by greed and desire and those who are too blind to see their own self-assassinations taking place before their very eyes. I was that great men. Sure, those who have fallen have ran back into their holes, “other promotions”, with their tails between their legs, too high on the horse to admit defeat by their far superior opponent but a victory is a victory, no denial in that. The simple fact is that I’m the standard in this company. You can say, “I’m the man and to be the man, you gotta beat the man”. Sadly for you Brandon, at Overdrive , you will not beat the man.

And so our night dawns and we take the stage and we steal the light. The night in which we look to reign supreme in your own company. One man can only stand victorious inside that ring and that man will simply be me. I will not be denied what many call my ‘destiny’ and I can will not be denied my place as greatest competitor to ever step into a WEW ring. Mark my words , victory will be mine for when I stand on the top rope hands raised music blurring and lights shining, a new era will dawn upon the WEW.

*Kendrick pauses momentarily and pulls out a freshly wrapped cigarillo and lights it*
See Brandon is no match for me – realize it. Everything I’ve accomplished in my career far exceeds anything you've done here . This place to me is like a blob of clay waiting to be molded. This is a week where I’ll need to end the games and to make sure I seize the opportunity, seize the moment and seize what will be mine.
I pray that you keep running your mouth. Every word you say seems like a desperate attempt to grab my attention and kindly, I’m giving it to you. I'm not really a ego-maniac I'm very humble I'm also just confident in what I do. You might be a very talented young superstar who is good for this company, but I'm great for the company.
Kendrick puffs his weed and begins to speak again
My dreams always become my reality no one person is going to prevent me from accomplishing my goals. I want to know who you will react when your flat on your back my music blaring , I want you to soak all of it in I may be in the presence of a future champion but my friend you are in the presence of greatness the, future and by far a superior athlete. I never talked tough I state nothing but truths and I will pass on dreaming about what im going to do to another man thats not really my bag I dream about titles and dollar signs. Go amp yourself and put all of that self confidence in yourself but you will do nothing but let yourself down and be face with the reality that I am better.
Kendrick takes another hit of his cigarillo
I'm a winner and nothing less than and I will prove this to be my truth Saturday by making and example out of you Brandon me beating you will put everyone on notice of my superior ability in the ring. Strap your boots on tight and be prepared to go to war because this match will be nothing short of a war
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My Destiny
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