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 This Beginning.

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Ray Von Vanity
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PostSubject: This Beginning.   Thu May 31, 2012 7:37 pm

The WEW arena turned dark, white lights started to flash to the beat of "How Do You Like Me Now" by Chomp Chomp Attack. From out the entrance ramp's smoke came out Ray Hardyac along with Christina Sixx.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Ray Hardyac and Christina Sixx!"

Ray Hardyac slid into the ring and Christina gave him a mic and joined him in the ring. The song playing faded and Ray began to speak into the mic.

"Hello WEW fans. As you now know, I'm Ray Hardyac. And tonight, well I face Michael London. What a shame. The fool expects everyone to praise him. If he was tossed aside due to injury and wasn't given a damn party, who the fuck cares? After all, this isn't about throwing parties. This is WEW, the dawn of mastery!"

Ray got a decent amount of cheers from the crowd and a bit of "WEW" chants as well.

"Yeah, Michael I know how you're trying to be. You aren't god. You're not the best. Hell, I know I'm not either! But I'm pretty sure these people pay to see me kick your ass, right?"

Ray chuckled a bit as "HARDYAC!" chants started.

"Oh yeah, I was right. Let's take a blast from the past, way back into Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. I became the first ever undisputed champion at Sadistic Six! That's because I am truly extreme. It's in down deep into my blood. I destroyed everyone in that match, what an opportunity. And then, there you came, three weeks later. So you defeated me for my title. What a joke. That's the only title you're even proud of. I would even care any less about it! Wasn't it meant to be a jobber's title, anyways?"

Christina cheered on Ray. Suddenly she told the mic from Ray, though.

"As in for you, Artemis, I'm sickened of you. I mean, you're a bodyguard for Michael London. Really? A girl being a bodyguard for a guy? And seriously, I think you should even consider waking up for once. It's already bad enough you worship a guy like Michael London. Honey, you're a wreck!"

The fans laughed along with Christina Sixx, as did Ray Hardyac. Ray took back the mic.

"Michael, you and Artemis are both failures. You guys always look into the past, when it's the future you should be concerned about. Right when you have to face me. I'll guess I'll see you guys in the future."

Ray dropped the mic and held Christina's hand as they both exited out the ring, Ray went in for a kiss on Christina, and his theme hit. The scene faded into black and the WEW logo flashed across the screen.

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This Beginning.
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