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 Homecoming and New Beginnings

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PostSubject: Homecoming and New Beginnings    Thu May 31, 2012 5:28 pm

Once the music blasts through the PA system, the fans began to boo as Michael London comes out from behind the curtains with Artemis right behind him. Michael London was glad to be back even though the name of the promotion change and the owner has changed as well it was the same thing to him. Michael London and Artemis makes their way down the ramp as the fans were upset that the narcissistic, coward is back into their lives. Artemis climbs the steps and onto the ring apron and sits on the middle ring rope, and righ behind her Michael London slowly makes his way up the steel steps and onto the ring apron and enters the ring the ring. Michael London walks over on the other side and grabs a microphone and stood right in the middle of the ring where the spotlight is shining down on him.

My, my how times has changed, but pretty much everything has stayed the same and since I'm finally back from injury I find myself facing a man who I have a great deal of history with. Tonight I am in the first round qualifying match for the Revolutionary Championship which I intend on winning the whole thing and stand right here before all of you the inagural champion. But before I go any further, are you people glad to see me? Are you people happy that the most dominate wrestlers of all time makes his triumphant return to the ring. I'm insulted that you people didn't throw a party for me or even chant "WELCOME BACK MICHAEL LONDON" don't you all realize that the moment the media caught wind of my in ring return this promotion is becoming more relevant by the day? Tonight you all will witness that I have not lost any of my mojo whatsoever and I am going to show all of you that I am better than ever.

Michael London paces back in forth gazing at the fans in the arena looking at their body language and facial expression .

Tonight must be fate or something because my first opponent coming back and in the Revolutionary Tournament is the man who I have beaten in my debut a couple of years ago in another company. I'm actually stunned when I heard that I'll be facing him tonight. But at the same time I'm actually glad I'm facing Ray Hardyac again because it gives me another chance to beat him once AGAIN! You see when I debuted in a place called Sinister Wrestling Entertainment, at the time I was new there and it was my first ever major company that I worked for. During that time I came across Ray Hardyac and at the time he was the SWE Hardcore Champion. Then after some few encounters backstage then at the my first pay per view in SWE Sadistic Six I was one of the participants for that title but sadly I lost and Ray Hardyac was able to retain the title. But it was far from over because you see a few weeks after I was involved in a triple threat match for the title and I knew what I had to do that time. I had to physically and mentally dismantle my opponents and break their will to compete and at the end I reign as the Hardcore Champion.

Artemis began to applauding for Michael London and what he had accomplished in SWE and Michael London smiles and the fans were just chanting "you suck" continuously.

Even though I had won the match and won his title he wasn't involved in the decision so he invoked his rematch clause but at the end I stood tall and retained my title. So right now Ray the score is even, we both have a decisive victory over one another and I'm asking you this Ray. Are you will to go toe to toe with me again? You know the risks of getting in the ring with me, I'm a different man than I was a couple of years ago. I'm more ruthless, more cunning than I ever was and quite frankly you don't stand a chance against me Ray and now since I'm once again in the title hunt, I refuse to let you or anyone else in this tournament to stop me from achieving that title. Haha, I won't be alone either because as you all clearly see my new enforcer Artemis. But not only that she will be with me at ring side tonight, she as well has the opportunity to win a title as well.

Michael London hands the microphone over to Artemis and he takes a few steps backwards to give her the spotlight. As the camera focuses on Artemis, she shows no emotion while the fans chants "man lady"

My name is Artemis and I am the bodyguard of Michael London, and thanks to him he has hired me to protect him at all cost. At first I didn't know why a man with such skills as Michael London needs any protection but he has reminded me of a certain incident that has cost him months of his career when he has gotten jumped by three individuals at his World Heavyweight Championship match a few months back. So now I'm here to prevent that happening to Michael London again and I promise you all that Michael London will stand here before you as the WEW Revolutionary Champion.

Michael London is in the background nodding his head in approval and clapping for Artemis despite the fans lack of respect towards her.

Not only that but tonight I have been granted a chance to become one of the two female wrestlers to compete for the WEW Bombshell championship. Not only that but the risk of becoming one of the two is extremely high because it's a ladder match. Now can you honestly believe that the other females in that match are physically strong enough to actually pick up a ladder? Well the answer is no, none of them are and I know for a fact that I will be one of the participants to fight for the Bombshells championship title. The reason in why I'm so confident is because of my physical capabilities. I know that I can easily overpower every single female in that match. I stand here before you all the only dominant and powerful Bombshell of this company and I'll prove it tonight and when I win the Bombshell Championship and this I say will be accurate.

Artemis smiles as she hands the microphone back to Michael London as he approaches forward back into the spotlight with a microphone back in his hands.

You heard it here, you all are looking at the only dominant Bombshell in this company and soon to be the first ever Bombshell Champion and I will be your first ever Revolutionary Champion. You all are once again leaving in the era of Michael London. I know for a fact that I will gladly stand here and say that I will once again claim leadership of this company like I did AWO and drive it all the way to the top.

Michael London drops the microphone and both Artemis and him exit the ring walking up the ramp backstage as the scene fades.
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Homecoming and New Beginnings
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