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 Beginning Anew.

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Brandon Bash
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Beginning Anew.   Thu May 31, 2012 3:02 am

scene opens up in one of the many hallways of the arena, more precisely
near the parking garage. I can be seen pacing back and forth along a
wall, with an HTC Inspire up to my ear.

"Listen, doctor don't listen to
a single word that that bitch says. She's just after his money and
property. I will pay whatever is needed for you to do whatever it is
that you have to do to save his life. You do not pull that plug without
doing whatever you can, or without me there. If you listen to her and do
it before I can get better run. Change your name. Better
yet, change your whole identity...because I will come after you. And
when I find you, I will make you suffer for making me lose my father. Do
you understand what I'm saying, Church? Because I'm the type of man
that doesn't make any threats...I make fucking promises."

I had stopped pacing in the middle of that,
and now waited for a response. A long pause followed, until finally he
agreed. I pulled the phone away from my ear, and shoved it into my right
waist pocket of my white slacks. You could also see that I was wearing a
black long-sleeved button-up dress shirt. Dark circles could be seen
under my eyes, as I noticed the camera man once I turned around to head
towards my locker room. I once again stopped in my tracks, as I noticed
the red light on meaning that he was rolling. I simply just stared into
the camera for a moment, as you can see the anger building up on my
face. No trademark sadistic grin or smirk this week, folks. Shit is
serious. If you were to stare into my dark green eyes, you could easily
tell I lack of proper sleep. But, you can also see the anger burning

"Kendrick Williams. First off, welcome to Warfare Entertainment Wrestling.
Second, you showed up to the wrong place, at the wrong fucking time,
kid. I get that you plan on making an impact. I felt the same way about a
month ago when I first walked into this place when it was known as the Anarchy Wrestling Organization.
I showed the world that I am more than a man who can dish out and
receive a couple dozen chair shots and keep coming back for more. Zeke Nero, Shane H
owlett...they underestimated my actual technical skill and paid for it by falling to the Wicked Prayer. And now,
think that you can come in here and say that I'm not in the same league
as you are? I have been in the wrestling business going on twelve years
now...don't try to trick yourself into believing that you actually can
out-wrestle me. The man known as 'The Natural'
couldn't do it, so what gives you the right to believe that you can?
You just decided your own fate by disrespecting me like that, 'K-Will.'
And you just happened to disrespect me during a very aggravating,
stressful time. You would think that a man's father laying in
his possible death bed would distract him...take him off his edge. But
the bitch of my fuels my anger, which just happens to
help me stay very focused. Usually, Kendrick...when
a man loses his temper, and lets his anger take control...he is blinded
by his rage. The thing is, keeps me more focused. I live
off of pain and anger. Which, unfortunately for you, is a pretty great
combination in this business. I'm not one for going for championship
gold, but being named the first ever Warfare Entertainment Wrestling Revolution Champion would be a nice accomplishment to add to my short list of championships. You see...I used to have an ego like you do, Kendrick. But you know what that brought me? Me sticking my own foot in my mouth. My first ever World Championship
reign brought out a different side of me. You remind me of myself back other words, I'd love to be the one who kicks your ass so bad
that I knock that huge ego of yours out of your damn body. I am going to
crush your confidence, Kendrick...pick
you apart piece by piece when we step into that ring. Find out your
weaknesses, and wear down your strengths, grinding you down until
there's nothing left..."

I shifted my head and neck to my left,
as a few popping sounds came from my neck. I then went on to roll my
neck around my shoulders, as a few more pops came from my neck. It was
now that the familiar sadistic grin began to creep across my lips, as I
stared into the camera.

"Kendrick Williams,
you can go on and on all you want about Social Darwanism. You can try
to trick yourself into believing that you are the superior out of the
two of us all you want. But come Saturday night, I will prove to you and
everyone else that you're still at the bottom of the food chain in Warfare Entertainment Wrestling.
You want to go on and speak of how this company is nothing but a new
playground for you. If that's the case, then I'm the kid that stands up
and shows the whole school that you're nothing but a bully with a big
mouth. You say that you put little focus and little care in the world
here...but you will see that this isn't like any other company you've
been in in this business. I'm not like any other man you've ever stepped
into the ring with. When I step into the squared circle, I feel at
home. Just like I find a homely comfort in the dark. Which is all you
will be seeing in your future here, Kendrick.
I truly hope that you do plan on stopping the games and trying to seize
the opportunity ahead of you...but, sadly...the only opportunity that
lays before you is falling before me, becoming just another opponent to
fall to the Wicked Prayer. My dad might
be laying on his death bed, but soon you just might be in the room just
down the hall from him in ICU. I don't take disrespect likely, Kendrick Williams. Zeke Nero
found that out when he disrespected my family. You will fall before me
just as he did. You think you can get by here without trying? Without
using any skill, or have any threats. There's a first time for
everything, Kendrick. And I will show
you that you will need to use every ounce of fiber in your being to even
come close to laying me out for that three count. And you can't make a
man who loves pain tap out exactly, now can you? All I see in you is a
man who doesn't know what it means to lose. A man who is about to be
taught what it means and feels like to be defeated in front of thousands
of people in attendance, and millions watching around the globe at
home. You will regret every ounce of bullshit that you let spew out of
your mouth when the world realizes that you can't back up what you said
you would do. Because I will beat you, Kendrick Williams. I will crush your spirit, and make you wish that you never stepped foot into that ring with me. The Revolution Championship
will just be a broken dream for you, because you will never come close
to holding it in your grasp, or raising it high before all of the Warfare Entertainment Wrestling
fans. I hope that I answered your prayers by running my mouth off, and I
sure as hell hope it caught your attention. But honestly, I couldn't
give a damn. Either way, at the end of this story...I will be answering a
different prayer for you. The same prayer that Zeke and Shane answered to in the past. You will see that us former Anarchists are a little more than you can handle, unlike the likes you have stepped into the ring with in the past..."

My grin now disappeared once again,
as I pulled my arms up and grabbed the shirt by the collar. I then
preceded to pull apart, as I unbuttoned the shirt by ripping off the
buttons. Underneath the black dress shirt, you could now see a Warefare Entertainment Wrestling "WEW" black t-shirt with the red logo.

"I am now proud to call myself a soldier in this Warfare. And you,
are on the losing side of this battle. Like I said before on the
phone...I don't make threats. I make fucking promises. Now, if you'll
excuse me...I have to catch a flight back to Austin, Texas. Don't get your hopes up, Kendrick...I'll
be back in time to show you exactly what a man with greater in-ring
skill can do. And like I told the doctor on the phone before...I don't
make threats, Kendrick. I make fucking promises."

With that, I nodded to the
camera man. He nodded back, as I turned around and pushed open the
entrance door to the parking garage. The scene faded to black with the
door closing as I walked off into the darkness...

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Beginning Anew.
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