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 The man of destiny.

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Mike Cole
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: The man of destiny.   Thu May 31, 2012 12:36 am

The lights go dark as Mike Cole's theme hits the arena, the crowd starts booing him like there was no tomorrow, he slowly makes his way into the ring with a smirk on his face, he gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Mike Cole

"...Axle Valentino..."

Cole smiles for a second as he continues talking.

"Who do you think you are? Coming to the ring and bashing me? I'm sorry buddy but you can run your mouth all you want but nothing's going to change the fact that I'm the best wrestler that has ever lived. Unlike you, I'm a believable champion y'know people actually take me serioulsy. I was the most succesful man out of HEEL back in AWO, even though everyone said either Cole or Dark Angel would be it, but.....just like always they were WRONG!"

"You see people , in life they are always people that want to make your life a living hell, telling you can't become what you dream to be and when they say that, believe them because you can't. It takes an exceptional person like me to prove them wrong each and every time. And this Saturday at Collision I will prove you wrong once again when I defeat Axle and become closer to being World Champion!"

"Speaking of which I haven't talked a lot about him and since I'm considered the best trash talker in the bussiness I might as well give it a try."

Cole stops for a second as he starts thinking of what to say about Axle, he finally makes his mind up and continues.

"You say I should be "terrified" of you? Really? I don't think even Alex Jester is afraid of you! and we all know how pathetic Jester really is. I don't need to kiss this disgusting people's ass because I don't give a fuck if they like me or not, I haven't been supported once in my whole life and I'm sure as hell I don't need any support, unlike many of the guys in here....including you. I'm not fake, I keep it real when it comes to who I'm really am, the most perfect man in the world! I rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for being someone I'm not."

"This Saturday, like it or not. I'm going to walk out of the ring as the first man that qualifies for the World Title tournament and after that I'm going through anyone that gets in my way make it to the finals, and keeping the gold where it belongs, with me."
"I'm the man."
"I'm the future."
"I'm Mike Cole."

"You better remember that."

Cole drops the mic and mockingly bows, he exits the ring and starts screaming "WORLD CHAMPION!", he then goes backstage as the camera fades black.

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The man of destiny.
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