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 The Champ.

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Lex Johnson
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PostSubject: The Champ.   Wed May 30, 2012 1:00 am

You can here the fans talking waiting for what is going to happen next on the first installment of Saturday Night Overdrive.Then Kick in the Teeth by Papa Roach blasts throughout the arena and the fans stop talking as they await who will be walking through the curtains next.Then a man with a black button up shirt walks into ringside he circles around the ring grabs a mic and hops up onto the apron.As soon as he gets into the ring he begins to speak.

Hello WEW my name is Jason Alexander. I will be the first World Champion here weather you want to accept it or not. You see the reason I will be the Champ well other than me having the best looking body in the world is I also have the best mind in this industry. You see The Dark Angel and Alex Jester don't stand a chance against everything I bring to the table.You see I am just to damn good for anyone here to beat me. It would almost be a crime for anyone else here to be the first World Champion.

Jason takes in all the boos and begins to laugh.As he continues to speak.

You see the thing about Dark Angel is he is way to skinny to be Champion and I will have no damn problem kicking his ass. Dark Angel do us all a favor and hit the gym dude,I mean I could help you with what ever you think you have going on with that horrible body right now,I mean just looking at these weak people I see a few of them that could beat you. So buddy go to your local market and get you a protein shake go to the gym lift some waits then comeback and you might stand a chance. Okay? Oh one more thing,take the damn mask off,unless you have something you're hiding I mean well just look at me I could give you my stylist and fix you up.

Jason begins to chuckle and looks around the arena to see people talking,booing,and settling back into their seats.

I'd bet half of you need to do the same thing I just told him to do. Go to a gym. Do something to improve your health. Please so next time I come here I won't have to see so many weak people chewing on candy bars and sipping sodas. It is people like you that make this place the fattest country in the world!
I can try to help you people but you don't listen to what I am saying,if you would maybe we wouldn't be.But that's okay I know I am not one of the Millions of you fat-asses out there.Same goes for the ugly part everybody in this place but me needs to get a good stylist to help you look just a little bit better.

Jason takes in the boos shaking his head yes.

Yes,Yes you do and so does Alex Jester every time he comes out here with his light up jacket he breaks the damn camera and I'm damn sure he makes you guys sick to your stomach. I know he does me. So Dark Angel I think you should give you mask to Alex. He needs it more than you,I think. Anyways Alex I can't wait to kick your ass back and forth. I think it should be fun as a matter a fact I know it will. He won't put up much of a fight so. I don't neither will Dark Angel.

Jason looks around and continues to talk.

Then haha there's me. The next World Champ. Jason Alexander. The man with the best body in the world,the man with the best face in the world,the best damn man in the world! So I hope to god everybody is ready to witness me!

Jason drops the mic with a smile on his face and walks into the backstage area with Kick in the Teeth blasting over the PA again.

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The Champ.
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