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 Don't be offended

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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Don't be offended   Mon May 28, 2012 4:17 pm

~ The scene opens with a montage of Matt Knoxville's matches, the crowd cheer, all of a sudden Matt's voice is heard and he appears in the ring ~

Matt Knoxville
I'm not trying to insult you, Cole. I'm just stating the fact that after I beat you you won't be the best in the universe, because the best in the universe doesn't get beaten. I came here to prove I am the best and you know what? I've decided I am going to prove it one way or another. Whether that means pinning Cole Scorpio or beating the living hell out of him with the old baseball bat, I plan to win! On Overdrive this Saturday I can crush you underneath my heels and brush you off in a matter of seconds, I can put you through that ring and not even care because I'll still pin you. I can fight you out of respect and nothing else Cole, you know that, that's all I ever wanted to do. I can go back to my old ways, crush you and move on to my next victim and then crush him too or I can keep this a clean fight with no problems, whatever you choose I'm going to win. As for you toys however, if you want me to rip them to shreds I will, and that's including you title "The Best In The Universe". I want to keep this as a good match Cole, I really do, but you're just making it harder not just for me but for both of us. If you want to go the hard way we can do that but I can guarantee you'll leave this arena in a stretcher. Cole on Overdrive I am going to defeat you single handedly, if you want the easy way, but that's all up to you...

~ The crowd stay silent, not knowing what to think of Matt at the moment ~

Matt Knoxville
I've been in this business for about two years, I want that belt more than you, I crave that belt! I saw where you went Cole. That was the AWO building, it isn't hard to tell, I miss that place but you're letting distractions get to you just by visiting a place you once called home, I have the upper hand now Cole and everyone has more or less guessed it by now, it's my time to be World Champion and I WILL qualify whether I have to face you or not. I know all the strategies to beat you in a match (Thanks Dark Angel) and I'm not aware you know any strategies for beating me so again I have the upper hand, even more so know. Cole one more thing I need to tell you is, I find your new look, well um.... it's a bit too, um.... prostitutional don't you think? I think the crowd may agree.

~ Matt shows the crowd Cole's new look and the crowd laugh wildly ~

Matt Knoxville
See? You look like a damn prostitute! Seriously where did you get your new clothes? I don't mean to get in your head but it looks like I have, so good luck out there Cole because come Overdrive I am going to beat you by any means...

Knoxville out!

~ The camera cuts out ~
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Don't be offended
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