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The Dark Angel
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Pawns!   Mon May 28, 2012 3:58 pm

The tron and cameras suddenly burst into pulses of static, with everyone in the arena's faces ridden with confusion. The audience, commentators and even the tech guys all stood wondering what was happening, until an unforgettable voice spoke out to them.


The camera cut the same time the music cued, to the shadowy locker room of The Dark Angel, albeit a bit different from what we were knew it to look like before. He was sat upon the left half of a black leather couch with a few tears in it, his crowbar was leaned in the other seat, as if it were a person. Lust was seen behind the couch, leaned up against the dented lockers too the right of the room.

Surprised? I know I certainly wasn't. I have had a rebirth in this business! The Epiphany of Extreme shall rise again, and this time, I'M setting the standards. This time, Dark Angel will be atop that golden mountain, axing away at those who try to reach the very top!

DA glanced to the crowbar at his left, reaching over and swiftly grabbing it, before throwing it at the camera. It left a small chip in the lens, but most of the camera shot was clear. Lust saw what he had done, and quickly came to sit at his side, attempting to calm him down.

Argh, I've had enough. These...pawns! They've had their moment, and this time, there will be no breakthrough! They've made their move and are about to be captured. Porque una vez que los peones han sido capturados, podemos capturar las de mayor valor.

Alex Jester. Oh how I've longed to get my hands on you and beat that overrated, vile head of yours so for into the mat you won't know your skin from cotton fibres! As for this...Jason Alexander is it? Well, I'd advise you to back off before you get your foot too far in the grave. Your not welcomed amongst my presence, so stand back and let me continue with my goal, you are not needed!

DA pointed to where the crowbar landed, and Lust went to retrieve it. After she handed it to him, he stood up and looked at it whilst moving towards the camera. He crouched, and gently tapped on the chip, until it became crack, then a bigger crack, then so big, it covered half of the lens.


Static pulsed a few times again, and the screen returned to normal. The audience, were shocked at DA's abrupt return, and the WEW crew guys shrugged their shoulders at each other, trying to figure out what to do...
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