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PostSubject: *Ding*   Mon May 28, 2012 3:15 pm



As the elevator doors open to the lobby of an unnamed hotel, left unnamed due to copyright reasons, Cole Scorpio and the camerman whose name is lost to history step into the metal box with chances of death so low they aren't even published. The button for the top floor is pushed, as the elevator slowly trudges to the top. The distinctive whirring noise doesn't manage to drown out the young man from Detroit.

I've never been the kind of guy to share. Share my toys, share my corner, share my cell, share my woman. I try to be a bit better about it, I really do. But it's hard. So when somebody comes to me, and they demand to share my title? My namesake? What I build my legend around? You can damn well bet that isn't going to happen. Matty, you've said that we're going to be sharing the title of "Best in the Universe." That was a mistake Matty. I'm the kind of man who defends my toys, defends my corner, my cell, my woman... my legend. So when you walk into the Arena this Saturday, when you stare me down, you aren't just staring down an opponent. You aren't staring down the first man you need to beat to get through this tournament. You're staring into the eyes of a man you've slighted. A man you're trying to steal from. I respect you Matty. But I have to put you in your place now. I'm the kind of man who defends what's mine, and that means violence Matty.

I know violence Matty.

I know it real well.

Do you know how I won my very first championship? I gave a Scorpio Bomb to Mike Cole off the titantron, I threw Kevin Nash through the minitron, I used A BARBED WIRE WHIP to shred Mike's arm, and then I made him tap to the Scorpio Lock. You know how I won my second world title? I threw Randy Reaume onto a bed of nails face-first with the Scorpio Bomb. This week, I don't exactly have those as options. What I do have, is incredible amounts of talent and resilience. Incredible amounts of very violent, very active imagination. I don't need to use a chair to make you bleed, I don't need a table to make you cry out in pain. All I need is to put you in a hold so tight that you can't breath, all I need to do is give you a suplex that'll knock you out cold. Hit a Scorpio Bomb, lock a Scorpio Lock, or maybe just End Your World. Because Matty I'm not like you, I don't stop at 1 2 3. Respect doesn't matter in the ring, all that matters is victory.






These are the ways that one of us will move on. One of us will be left behind. You've already said you only want to win by pinfall, but I'm more than willing to win any other way. Because respect, honor, they die in that ring the second blood flows from my forehead. And it will flow Matty, because ~


The door opens, revealing a long hallway. At the end, a bright light shines up and into the night sky. Cole is silent, he walks to the end of the hallway. He looks out the window, as the cameraman catches up with him. Outside sits the Arena where Overdrive will take place, where WEW makes itself a name. Cole only smiles, as he turns to the camera.

Because I'm the motor city madman. Because I'M the best in the universe. Because I'm Cole Scorpio.

Because the time for talking is done.

Cole retrieves the door key from his pocket, and puts it into the door. He pulls a beer out of the mini-fridge, and reclines on the sofa, and thus another promo reaches an end. This is the last one uploaded by Cole Scorpio for his match this week, so we'll just have to wait til Saturday for the outcome. But does Matty Knoxville have anything to retort with?

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