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 My future is at stake...

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PostSubject: My future is at stake...   Mon May 28, 2012 1:57 pm

~ The scene opens with Matt Knoxville sat down in the corner of the ring looking on at the crowd, they all cheer for him and he raises the microphone already in his hand ~

Matt Knoxville
I understand why you are all cheering for me right now, you shouldn't. Cheer for Cole Scorpio, the man who showed me the utmost respect for me yesterday and I truly thank him with all my heart for that. Cole has been in this business a lot longer than I have and he has more experience but I say none of that matters anymore, not my streak not Cole's championship reigns not anything. All that matters is this Saturday on Overdrive when me and Cole face off to qualify for the world title tournament. "Can Matt Knoxville beat Cole Scorpio?" I hear you say, yes I can but only if I put one hundred and ten percent in to this match and pay attention, Cole is very talented and has a great attitude and I think he's a great person to be around. Me and Cole have so many similarities; We both want redemption from our past, we both try our hardest in this very ring which I'll be missing very much and we both want the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm not going to get on my high horse about this but I am going to win this match and no one can stop me when I'm this determined, not even Cole Scorpio. Cole comes from Detroit, a place I once went to and I must admit it disgusted me very much to see how Cole had to live, but then I thought to myself "Two of the best wrestlers and entertainers in this company are from Detroit", those two men that came to mind were Alex Kross and of course Cole Scorpio.

~ The crowd begin chanting for Cole and Matt smiles ~

Matt Knoxville
Now Cole I mean this with no disrespect but on Overdrive this Saturday I WILL be victorious and I am going to do it causing the least amount of pain to you as possible, I am going to get the 1....2....3. I don't want to win by knockout or submission because that would be too far. I respect you more than anyone else currently in this company and you are one of the best here, but I'm better. Too many people underestimated me and Cole knows not to, he's a challenge that I will overcome through hard work, determination and possibly a slight bit of luck too. The night me and Cole face of for the first time ever in any ring should be remembered by everyone here, everyone watching on their televisions right now and everyone sat down watching this at the back! The qualifiers are coming up and I am going to be the first person to qualify, luck or not. All I ask is one thing from each and everyone of you, record this match on your cameras and your phones and tell your kids that the two men stood in the ring fighting were two of the greatest wrestlers in this company- no in THE UNIVERSE because your kids will grow up with us as role models.

~ The crowd go wild for Matt and he blushes at the shouting and screaming ~

Matt Knoxville
I was never given a chance at any kind of title in my career other than tag titles, I need to win this championship in the upcoming weeks because this is my destiny. Cole is going to be sharing the title "Best In The Universe" with me for a long time after this match and I hope he doesn't mind the inevitable. Saturday night is the debut of WEW Overdrive so make sure to watch it, everyone!

Knoxville out!

Matt leaves the ring while Cult Of Personality plays on the PA system as Matt gives his final wave to the WEW crowd ~

I made it larger so it is more legible
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My future is at stake...
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