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 Overdrive #1

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Kendrick Williams

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PostSubject: Overdrive #1   Sun May 27, 2012 10:14 pm

The scene opens up in the backstage area of the arena as the fans in the background buzz in excitement. The long white halls seem to be endless as the camera slowly paces through them. Every nook and cranny holds is filled with equipment, WEW superstars who talk amongst one another and WEW staff, making sure the show does go on. The camera man pauses at a door drenched in black with a small name plate slapped over the door reading Kendrick Williams . An interviewer slides in front of the camera man, dressed neatly in a grey suit, he fixes his tie and with a microphone in hand, bursts into the door. Simply sitting there, Kendrick takes no notice of the interruption, rather appears to ignore the interviewer. The locker room is no different to the halls. The walls are white from top to bottom and a simple but thick line of blue runs around the middle as lights dangle from the room.

*Kendrick Begins to speak*

There are matches where you can’t pre-determine an outcome, matches where you don’t know if you will walk out the victor or the defeated. The thing is, there is a simple answer to that and that answer is working your ass off. See the thing is, Brandon Bash has worked his ass off in the past trying to make himself believe he has the ability to beat me, believe that he is in the same league as me but it’s just simply futile.
Ever heard of social Darwinism? Where one race is superior to another? It’s a theory that can be translated into the wrestling world where I am the far more superior athlete while Brandon is the inferior one. Now, in social Darwinism, you either care for or remove that inferior race but I simply don’t care for Neither of the two men i face or as a matter of fact anyone else in this company so I have no choice but to remove him

Kendrick pauses momentarily and gets to his feet. Looking the interviewer straight in the eyes, he pushes him back and delivers a rather abnormal superkick. Kendrick swings around and looks right into the camera with a cocky smile.

You see Brandon is no match for me – realize it. Everything I’ve accomplished in my career far exceeds anything you've done here in the WEW or AWO. This place to me is like a new playground just ready to be explored I reached great levels in this industry and things will be no different in WEW. You my friend need to realize everything I’ve done so far in the wrestling has been done with little power, little focus and little care in the world. This is a week where I’ll need to end the games and to make sure I seize the opportunity, seize the moment and seize what will be mine.
I pray that you keep running your mouth. Every word you say seems like a desperate attempt to grab my attention and kindly, I’m giving it to you. While you feel you’re on a high because you’ve won a couple of matches , you don’t realize that those matches were simple and easy wins against competitors who had only gained their accolades by defeating far lesser opponents. Granted, I’ve done the same but for me, it’s been more fun than anything. No real test of skill or ability, or any real desire to train hard ,Brandon you are no different than the rest of the men who have fallen before me and our match is no different than any other I’ve wrestled.
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Overdrive #1
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