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 Road Trip

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PostSubject: Road Trip   Sun May 27, 2012 4:14 pm

The camera breathes life into the side of the highway, as the open road rushes upon the front of Cole Scorpio's truck. He sits partially reclined, with the window covered in ash partially rolled down. The air vents blow the smoke of his cigar out of the slit leading to the fresh air, allowing the camera man to breath easy. The truck is driving a Michigan speed limit, namely 10 miles over the speed limit, as it rushes to the next arena. It's only a day past Collision, but the man scarred from a lifetime of fights is already driving to his next payday. He begins to speak.

I was watching Matty's promo on my phone in that last rest stop while Doctor Camera-Man here was taking a leak. Surrounded by the repugnant and the repulsive, I decided to occupy my mind with something other than flights of fancy within my own mind involving various attractive people who exist, such as Scarlet Johannsen. I clicked a few buttons, and there I was upon the WEW youtube page. I saw promos from various WEW stars, men who I've known for a very long time. Men who I've defeated, many many times. But the one that caught my eye, the one that drew me in, was my opponent's promo. In it, he says that he's going to prove that I'm not the best in the universe. That he's going to win the world title. He speaks of being undefeated, an honor that I never managed to get. One that I certainly PLAN to get here in WEW. He spoke of his skill, and of his respect for me. Would you like to know my response to him?

Cole weaves in and out of traffic, never going so far as to endanger others or to break the law too much, but enough to earn the ire of several aggressive drivers. Honking, middle fingers, etc are all heard and seen. Cole returns the favor more than once, before coming to a spot clear of traffic. He's able to speak again.

My response to Matty Knoxville is a simple one. It isn't a brainless insult, it isn't a mindless ad hominem, it's much more than all of that. Matty, my response is one of respect. You're one of the finest wrestlers to ever grace the ring, and you're only just beginning. It is my absolute pleasure to get into that ring, and to attempt to defeat you. Our match will be a classic, hailed by those such as Dave Meltzer as being one of beauty and grace. Each attack building into another, as we attempt to reach the light at the end of the level. As we whittle down the other's health, as we break our bones and smash each other's skulls in, as the crowd ROARS in excitement, we will have reached the pinnacle of our industry. But that doesn't change a very simple fact Matty Knoxville, and that very simple fact...

Is that I'm going to win this match.

This world title is too important, too necessary for me to not win it. My life, my mind, my will, I've always put them on the line for matches like this, and I rarely get rewarded with anything but my own blood, my own broken bones, and the occasional sight of my enemies writhing on the mat before me. Whether by Scorpio Bomb, by Scorpio Lock, by Scorpio Kick, by chair shot, or by the end of the world itself, I will walk away from this match a winner. I'll walk away from the next match a winner, and the next, and the next, and the next, until I've proven to myself that I'm the best in the universe. Because it doesn't matter what that audience says I am, what the internet says I am, what the people backstage say I am. All that matters is that I know I'm the best.

You call me the Motor City Madman Matty Knoxville. That's a name I wish I could forget. One I wish I wasn't called. But it's a part of my life I'll never allow myself to forget. I hurt people, hurt them worse than I needed to. But that's over now. All that's left, all that I want in this life or in the next, is to walk into that ring and work. All I want... is to win. And that's why at the end of Overdrive, you won't be in the World Title in the Tournament. I respect you, and I don't want to hurt you. But I will do what it takes to win our match, and to win the world title. And for whatever happens in the ring... I'm sorry.

I'm Cole Scorpio, and we have to upload this to the internet. I see a rest stop coming up, so maybe we can buy the Doctor here a hooker while we're there. Come on buddy, what'dya sa~

The camera cuts out, as the two men drive ever closer to the WEW arena.

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Road Trip
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