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Martin Taylor
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Inevitable   Sun May 27, 2012 11:15 am

Sky Brynes: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, from Chicago, Illinois, weighting 180 pounds, The Dangerous One, MARTIN TAYLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hero by Skillet plays as the crowd cheers with Martin Taylor heading his way down to the ring, high fiving the fans
with his traditional entrance.

Chris Shields: Now this guy right here Martin Taylor is full of potential and WEW is lucky to have him in the company. Right, Kenny?

Kenny Angel: I agree Chris. This kid from Chicago shows a lot of talent and he is one of the fastest rising superstars ever. I guarentee that one day, he will become the WEW Champion.

Martin Taylor grabs a mic in his hands, smiling for a while then begins to speak.

Martin Taylor:
When I first stepped onto that ring, my goal was to prove that nobody is better than me. To prove that I have the spirit to be the best. But I never proved it. I never proved that I am the best in the world. But what makes me different, is that I don't complain about it. I don't say that the reason was this and the reason was that
and blah blah blah. I realized that, I need to do it. I need to fulfill my destiny.

He stops talking for a while as the crowd cheers. But he begins to talk again.

Martin Taylor:
Tonight, I have a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have a ticket to the top. And I can't lose it. The Revolution title is the beginning. And I am facing a guy who is called Raphael Di whatever. I don't know who is that guy. He is just an Italian prick. A goofy with a long name. When I was booked in that match I was like "Do I really suck to be in a match like that?". WEW can't find me a real opponent. And that makes my chance of winning 99.99%. That match would prove that Raphael sucks.

Martin Taylor:
Love me or hate me, I will prove that I deserve a title shot. And as I said, I don't complain, I prove only. My history sucks. In AWO, I lost to Lex Thunder, Ric Payne and even the extreme title battle royal. I went to hospital because of an injury in this battle royal. When I was in hospital, I watched AWO. Nobody even mentioned me or my injury. I felt like I am just a bug in a crowd of people. And then I promised myself that I will never come back until I improve. And I improved. Tonight, I will prove that I improved by beating Raphael and heading to the next round of the revolution title.

He drops the mic and leaves the ring high fiving the fans as Hero plays. The camera fades to the commentators.

Chris Shields: Tough talk by Martin Taylor. He claimed that he would defeat Raphael Di Acciaioli and prove that Raphael "Sucks". Your opinion in this, Kenny?

Kenny Angels: You know Chris, If Martin won this match and went on to the next round of the Revolution title, this would be probably the biggest move in Martin's career as he stated that his history sucks.

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