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 I have 5 times too...

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PostSubject: I have 5 times too...   Sat May 26, 2012 10:31 pm

~ The scene opens up with Matt at his favourite bar, he has just received the news about Cole Scorpio's promo, he sees the cameraman and smiles. Matt makes a hand gesture telling the cameraman to come towards him and begins talking ~

Matt Knoxville
I'm undefeated.... I know Cole said he'll beat me but I've gone five straight matches in what was formerly known as AWO and I'm not going to lose on Saturday, because that just isn't how things go. It's the top dog that gets the first bite of the food, and I'm that top dog. I'm going to take that first bite and become the first person to qualify for that World Title Tournament. Cole I wish I was facing you in the finals, not some petty qualifier because I have respect for you, a lot of respect and I don't want to see you cut loose so easily, not now. Cole we haven't had much history in that ring but I know we'll have a future and I'm proud to say that, next Saturday on Overdrive no matter how much I like or respect who you are I'm not going to stop at anything to pull out the victory.I've faced my fair share of opponents and I know not to let them get the better of me in the ring or outside it, I'm going to start a new chapter in my book called "Winning the WEW World Title" and this is just the beginning, just another milestone in my career that I will never forget; Defeating Cole Scorpio.

~ Matt orders a glass of lemonade to go and begins talking again ~

Matt Knoxville
Cole you've proven time and time again that you are the Best In The Universe, but I'm going to prove you wrong in our match and I won't do it without showing respect to you after the bell rings for the last time because I want to stay on good terms with you. Again this is because of our mutual respect, our mutual passion for wrestling that I want to beat you on Saturday, not because of something stupid like jealousy or hatred. Whether I win or I lose at Overdrive I'm going to be proud of myself, proud of myself for actually being able to stand a chance- no to actually compete with the Motor City Madman himself Cole Scorpio because even when the crowd hated him he still respected the other wrestlers in this business. Cole I'm sorry if I ruin your chances of becoming World Champion, I truly am, but I need this opportunity more than you do and I work my ass off when I get an opportunity. I am the future WEW Champion and I am going to go straight through any and all challenges in my way to that title.

~ Matt's limousine appears and he takes his lemonade to the vehicle, the door is opened and he sits down, he continues to talk to the cameraman ~

Matt Knoxville
I plan on getting the one two three on Cole but it won't be easy at all, remember to tune in to WEW and watch Matt Knoxville to see Streak vs Reputation!

~ Matt closes the door and the limousine drives off with Matt inside, the scene fades to black ~

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I have 5 times too...
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