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 Fastest Rising Superstar in...WEW?

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PostSubject: Fastest Rising Superstar in...WEW?   Sat May 26, 2012 9:20 am

The song was unmistakeable to AWO fans - The Prodigy, The man who was stopped from getting his first world title in AWO by its untimely death.

The AWO fans in the audience booed loudly, while first timers gave a mixed response. Randy smirked at the people giving cheers, and sauntered to the ring, jumping in and screaming "PRODIGY!!" garnering more boos from the fans.

He grabbed a mic from one of the crew, pushing him to the ground in the process.

..So, wait. I was coming from a large win in an independent wrestling company to go and destroy Ryan Savage on Fusion 18...and when I come to the arena..I'm told that AWO will not be broadcasting Fusion 18 and that I will be moved to WEW? AND i'm in the main event the first show? The brass here really have some brains if they're going to do that. Plus, they've put me against Anton Hinston! One of the guys up there must really like me if they're going to give me a free win. I mean, Anton Hinston is the one who won the extreme title just because William Black gave him a pity win! me, I don't give pity wins. Ever.

Seriously, Anton? You want to take yourself seriously after winning a title that was basically given to you after you did nothing to earn it? Hey, at least I earned my title shot at Xavier Serikaz and didn't get it because someone felt pity for me. Please. You're pathetic. Let's also add in the fact that my only loss in AWO was to the World Champion, and I ENDED an undefeated streak. Have you ever done that, Anton? Let me guess..hmmm..No. And what else have I accomplished that you haven't? I was THE longest reigning champion in EHDW, and I assure you, I went through more than you've ever gone through in your entire life in the month that I was International Champion!

And yeah, I have more. You think you're great when you won your little lower midcard Extreme Title, well, look at me. I was one of the top contenders to the AWO Intercontinental Championship, and I was the longest reigning International champion in EHDW. Two upper-midcard championships. And you think you can take me? Please! We shouldn't even have this match, just a bye for me in the tournament. Everyone knows I'm going to win anyway. Trust me, an upper-midcard champion who was a destined future world champion is better than a little wannabe who was GIVEN a lower-midcard's simple math, really, Anton.

I will beat you, and hell, I might even cripple you if you're unlucky enough to stay in the anaconda vice for more than a few seconds! And wouldn't that be swell? Me crippling someone nobody cares about? I mean really. Even these fans can agree that I am the better man in this matchup.

The fans chant 'ANTON! ANTON! ANTON!'

HA! You can cheer for whoever you want! They always said..good guys always finish last. But me? I'm the prodigy. I was the FUTURE of AWO and now I'm the future of WEW! There's NOTHING that can stop me! Nothing! Not Anton, not Spitta Andretti, not Ryan Savage, not Phillip Phillips, hell, not even Taranto's power or the new General Manager Chris DeLuca could stop me! Now, to observe and see if this DeLuca fellow is someone I will enjoy or not...the Prodigy has spoken..
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Chris DeLuca

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PostSubject: Re: Fastest Rising Superstar in...WEW?   Sat May 26, 2012 10:06 am

"Why, hello, there, Randy. I don't believe we've met. My name is Christopher DeLuca. I'm the general manager of this show, and I really admire your respect and confidence towards the WEW Audience and superstars. You're going to be big one day, and I'm going to help you achieve that. Personally, I agree with you. Spitta Andretti is quite deplorable and he will be punished for his actions later on tonight. Also, your match with Anton Hinston at the main event tonight? I'm going to make it a TLC match, since I know how much you enjoy TLC matches and do good in them.

So I bid you good luck, Randy. And, I will be back later tonight to announce the DeLuca Duo! The two men that will be lucky enough to have me by their corner encouraging them during their matches. Thanks for the support, WEW Audience, and I bid you farewell!"
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Fastest Rising Superstar in...WEW?
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