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PostSubject: PIPEBOMB!   Sat May 26, 2012 5:29 am

~ Scene starts off as Spitta is shown arriving to the WEW arena. He parks his car, turns it off and gets out of the car to see fans lined up for his grand entrance to the arena. Spitta walks up the steps and shakes the fans hands on the way. He opens the door and gets into the arena. Spitta walks backstage as he is stopped by Joshua Rhodes. Spitta gets asked some questions. ~

Joshua Rhodes: Spitta! Can I ask some questions?

Spitta Andretti: Yeah, sure. Bring it on Joshua.

Joshua Rhodes:
Okay so, in AWO you were doubted, what are your plans here?

Spitta Andretti:
Let's see, Josh. In AWO I was always doubted. Even from my debut match to the last match I competed in. The problem is that I kept winning matches. I kept winning matches in great fashion. I didn't cheat, I didn't do anything along those terms. I don't need that and these fans don't appreciate that kind of behavior. I have it all, Joshua. What don't you see that I don't offer? I have the wrestling ability, the microphone skills, the whole package, the whole sha-bang. Like I said, they doubted me in AWO. And I'm not quite too sure why. I came in there like a mad man and week after week I won matches. I didn't lose not once. I finished a strong 3-0. Haha, that's not really strong but I was undefeated. That's the point I am getting here. There is no reason to even doubt me here in WEW. No reason at all. I am in the Main Event picture as in AWO I was treated like a piece of dirt. I deserved more then what I got in AWO and I'll prove that here in Warfare Entertainment Wrestling on becoming the inaugural heavyweight champion and continue my path of destruction around this business. I feel like there's no stopping me, ya know? I'm too high to come down.

Joshua Rhodes:
Well said, Spitta. With that said, do you plan on becoming WEW Champion?

Spitta Andretti:
Didn't I just say that, Josh? Yeah, I did. I do plan on becoming WEW Champion. I plan on being the first champion in this business history. And I will do whatever it takes to become the last. And when I do win that title, it'll be hard to take it off me. Hell, I might even retire with it. Who knows. I'm not saying this because I'm better then everybody else, but yeah. Everyone in the back just aren't as good as me. Hahaha. But let's look at the facts. I was 3-0 in AWO and my championship history goes far back before being a professional wrestler was even cool and the thing to do. It doesn't matter who you are, it really doesn't. I'm the type of guy to pin point everybody's weakness and make them suffer in that ring with that following weakness. I must admit, it's harder for other but that's not the point. Everyone has a weakness, right? Some people can't handle the pressure, some people are weak in the ring, some people are just scared of me. What can I say? I think of myself as an impressive wrestler. I even have the screaming fans behind me thinking that. I can't be stopped with those fans behind me. They are my strong point. The weakness just isn't there, it really isn't.

Joshua Rhodes: Nice. Any words for the fans specifically? I mean, you do tend to adore them.

Spitta Andretti:
Of course, Mr. Rhodes. The matter of the fact is that these adoring fans chant my name night in and night out. No matter how much of a narcissistic asshole I am, they believe in me. I'm not a coward, I'm not a wimp. I am a man with a plan, the man of the hour. No matter how bad the atmosphere is, I will bring the action to the packed arena and make everyone of those fans chant my name. Why? Because I'm not an ego kind of guy. Yeah sure, I might get a tad too far up my high horse at times but that isn't really a strong ego in my definition. Hell, you could be 500 pounds and 7 foot tall, I still wouldn't give a damn. Nobody scares me and when I say nobody, I mean nobody. I'm scared of the potential on headlining this company that lies within me. I was destined to do this. I was born to be a professional wrestler and it is exactly what I am doing. I am the best professional wrestler in the world. All of you will see.

Joshua Rhodes: Well said. Any words for Matt Knoxville, your opponent on Overdrive this Saturday?

Spitta Andretti:
Actually, I was going to face that Matt kid on Fusion 18, Joshua. If you didn't know, there was the big whole mess that WEW bought out AWO, bought all their talent blah blah blah. You all can go read that somewhere else, I'm not the guy to recite things. Anywho, let's get back to my opponent, shall we? Well, Matt Knoxville. I have heard from you, I have spoke to you and I must say that you have some balls to even talk about me in the way that you do. I must admit, that takes balls. Good job for you. But even with me saying all of this, I'm not going easy on you. Nope, not at all. The WEW Championship will be around my waist, around my shoulders, wherever I shall place the championship. Ultimately, I just feel like I can beat you. Why? Because I am the best in the world at what I do. And that is entertain these fans, win matches and put on the best matches in the business. My talent is just rising since the last time I had a match in AWO. I'm just getting better and getting better.. And getting better. Everyone can doubt me just like they did in AWO, fine by me. But when I beat Matty boy and become the first ever WEW champion, all the doubts coming from here and AWO shall be silenced. I'll be claiming my throne these next few couple of weeks and making my presence known in that ring. You just happen to be my first victim, Mr. Knoxville. That sucks to be you. To get out of the title tournament in the first match, huh? Sucks to suck, your future is about to be handed to you on a silver platter. Have fun watching guys like me take over this company and making it the best damn company in the world. These fans would agree with everything I say and I don't even have to tell them too. I don't have to have some boring nickname like "The Cult of Personality", like c'mon now silly boy. Let's get more creative then that. Let's just hope your in ring skills aren't as bad as your nickname choice.

Joshua Rhodes: Thanks for your time, Spitta. I have to get out of here and take a plane back home. Thanks once again.

Spitta Andretti: Thanks, Josh. It's been a pleasure answering these questions. Now I will venture off backstage my friend and talk more on this subject.

~ Spitta and Josh go different ways. Spitta walks around backstage talking to some of the guys and heading to his locker room. He gets to the door, opens it and unlocks it. He steps into the locker room and steps back out with his head hanging out the door. He tells the cameramen to follow him into his locker room. Spitta begins to speak as he gets a bottle of water and takes a drink of it ~

Spitta Andretti: See, Knoxville. I still have a bone to pick with you. I said just SOME of the things that needs to be said with Joshua interviewing me. See, Matty boy. In this world you get to face guys like me. You lose some and you win some, right? You can't win them all. Don't even bother on thinking you're going to win as you will just be making yourself look like a fool when I put you down on the mat for the three count. I'll be raising my hand come Saturday. It's obvious to see that these fans love me and management loves me. I'm the type of guy to headline this company. The type of guy to not put up with another persons shit. That is why I am placed into this match. That is why I am above you in every category. I'm just the epitome of a professional wrestler. When kids go home, they tell their mommies and daddies that they want to be just like me. And that is a professional wrestler with respect and a supply of entertainment. I'm not your friend, Matt. Don't even think of it as that way. That's not our relationship. We're just business partners, that's it. Nothing more and it will never be anything more then just that. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to entertain the crowd and bring in high revenue. I expect you to walk around here and talk about me. They all do. You've done it before. It's easy to say that you are a coward. A coward because you can't accept the fact that I'm just not a couple of steps above you, I am a full pedestal above you. Some guys can compete with me, but you? Nah nah. I don't see that happening anytime soon. I do have faith in you, you can make it somewhere below me. I know you can Matty boy, I know you can. I'm not sorry that I'm going to go farther then you, bring in more money then you and have more fans then you. That's your own damn fault, maybe you should've paid attention in wrestling school. A loss to you hasn't even crossed my mind yet.

~ Spitta begins to laugh as he stands up. He finishes putting wrist tape on. He heads out of his locker room as he walks around backstage heading to the curtain. His entrance music blares throughout the arena as he makes his way to the stage. Spitta gets to the stage and gets down on one knee. He takes his finger and writes in the ground "DESTINY" as he yells "The Chicago Kid!!" and gets up. He walks down the ramp and slaps the fans hands. He gets down to the ring and goes up the stairs. He gets into the ring and gets thrown a mic. Spitta gets to the middle of the ring and begins to speak. Crowd starts to chant his name ~

Spitta Andretti: I'm out here for a reason. So if you guys could keep quiet and let me talk I'd appreciate it, thanks.

~ Spitta has a serious look on his face as the crowd begins to die down. He looks at the crowd and smirks looking at them. He gets back to the middle of the ring and begins to speak again.

Spitta Andretti: Thanks. But let's get back to why I am out here. I'm out here to express myself to the new wave of fans. The new community. The WEW Universe. Let's make this short and quick, time to get down to business. As most of you know, I am facing Matt Knoxville this week. I am having the displeasure of facing somebody not on the same skill set as me. What a shame. But anyway, I have said this before, I give him props for talking about me and randomly doing so. I haven't seen quite a few guys done that. Well, I have. But they have all fallen in the ring with me shortly after. I guess it's a repeating trend, right? So with this said, Matt will fall too, right? Right to both of those questions. Matt could be the best damn wrestler alive, he still has his weaknesses. Hell, he could just be putting on a show and not be any good in the ring when it comes down to it. He could be all talk, I do kind of have faith in him because he reached out on me. But it's time to teach your ass a lesson. To start off Matty boy, I follow three things. And that is Integrity, Innovation and Intelligence. Integrity because you have to have pride in whatever you do. Even if it's going out to that ring and getting your ass handed too, accept that. Accept it and embrace it to get yourself better. Innovation because you have to be a leader and not a follower. I expect this Matt kid to talk mad shit about me. That's cool, I don't mind. I'm a leader, I'm starting it first. He can follow behind me just like the rest and do the same. Intelligence because in order to win matches, you have to be smart. Some guys out smart their opponents, and that describes my perfectly. I'm an opportunist, and when the opportunity is in my reach.. I will reach out and grab it. It doesn't matter what it is, it really doesn't. It's just.. Well, I don't know. I like to win.. Yeah, that's it. I like to win.

~ The crowd gives off a huge reaction. Spitta's theme hits. They chant Spitta's name as Spitta laughs and smirks looking at the camera. He slides out of the ring and heads to the crowd. He jumps the barricade and goes through the crowd looking at the fans. He shakes their hands with the microphone still in hand. Spitta begins to speak as the fans crowd around him, his entrance music coming to a halt ~

Spitta Andretti: See, Matt. This is why they love me. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. I'm not a coward, I'm not going to hide behind shit and say shit that I don't mean. Everything that I said about you I mean. My presence is a blessing. Hell, even me talking to you is a stepping stone for a chump like yourself. No hard feelings though, Matty boy. Just keep calm and listen to the words I am giving to you right now. You don't want to get beat, I mean you don't. But you don't want to get beat worse then you already are going to be. See, you can talk your shit. It just gives me more of a reason to pound your face in that mat and make you my little bitch in that ring. It's alright if you're scared, it really is. There's always the lower rankings for you. I know you can't handle it up here with the big boys, I know you can't. It's alright, if you need a shoulder to cry on, then go fuck yourself. I'm not continuing with this little pity act. I have nothing against you. Just remember that when you talk bad about me, the first time. Just the first time. Except an ass whooping. I've worked hard for everything that I have up to this current date. You might need to remember a few words of mine, so here you go....

~ Spitta smirks as the crowd cheers and chants his name, still crowding around him. He smirks as he gets ready to speak. Spitta begins to speak ~

Spitta Andretti: In everybody elses hands, this is a microphone. In my hands, this is a pipebomb!!!

~ Spitta drops the mic and gives off sound effects of a bomb. Spitta's entrance music blares throughout the arena once again. He smirks as the fans still cheer and chant his name. Spitta walks up to the top and heads backstage. Scene ends ~
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