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Mason DeAngelo
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Snubbed   Sat May 26, 2012 3:45 am

The camera pans around to show Mason DeAngelo sitting in a locker room with a somber look on his face. He is clearly upset at where he has been placed on the next Overdrive card and the anger is obvious on his face. He has a thousand yard stare that can not be broken even by the most talkative of wrestlers. He believes that he is the best and should be main event status right off of the bat.

After a few minutes of thinking, he stands up and leaves the locker room, making his way to the ring. His entrance is next and he is determined to make a statement. He wants the WEW world to know that he is the best and that no matter what happens, he will be remembered as the most dominant wrestler to ever step foot in a WEW ring, even if he had to start from the bottom.

Mason waits patiently behind the curtain as his music starts. It is only his second time coming out to face the crowd since he joined WEW, but the determination on his face is evident, there is nothing that will stop him. It is evident that he is offended by his first match in the WEW and he will do whatever it takes to prove that he deserves a shot at the world heavyweight championship.

When his que hits, he bursts from behind the curtains, raising his arms high into the air trying to get the crowd on his side. Loud boo's can be heard from the stands and a large smirk is evident on his face. Most people would be upset that they were being boo'ed, but not Mason. He relished in the fact that they did not believe in him, that they thought he was a joke. He could not wait to prove them all wrong. When he was the champ, they would all feel ridiculous for ever thinking that he was anything less than what he claimed to be.

He walked down the ramp with a determined look on his face. The usual grin that was normally played across his face was replaced by a look of anger and betrayal. He had signed with the company to prove that he was the best, not to be in some joke triple threat match. The boo's that rang out did not make him happy like they usually did, they genuinely upset him. They were booing him because they thought he was a joke. He was not a joke, he was the greatest wrestler on the planet.

He stared down the fans that dared mock him as he entered the ring. Did they not know that he could destroy any one of them at a moments notice? The thought crossed his mind as he passed a particularly harassing part of the crowd. He envisioned himself jumping over the railing and making them pay for their transgressions. He even stopped and eyed down a man who kept chanting "You suck!" to him. After a few seconds, he could only smile, and he continued into the ring. He would show them, he would show them all that he was the best.

Once inside the ring he made his way to the turnbuckle and he threw his hands into the air. Through all of the booing he could hear a few cheers. At least there were some, if only a few, who believed in his talents. He left his arm hanging in the air for a few moments before he made his way to the other side of the ring and lifted his arm into the air, doing the same thing he had done on the other end.

After his music stopped playing he made his way to the side of the ring and motioned for a mic. Once the mic was in his hands he made his way to the middle of the ring and smirked as the crowd booed him so intently. He let them tire themselves out before he spoke.

Mason DeAngelo

"My first match has been set and I would be a liar to say that I am pleased with it. A triple threat match for the Revolution title? What kind of insult is this? I sign with this company on the grounds that they are aware of my talent. I was not signed to make friends. I was not signed to please the crowd. I was signed because I am the best. I was signed because there is no other wrestler who can even stand up to me."

The crowd erupted into boo's and Mason let them go on, obviously pleased that he had gotten under their skin.

Mason DeAngelo

"It is absolutely insulting to me that I am such a joke of a match. Austin Jacobs and and Zack Prayre? Get real. Both of these wrestlers are barely able to even sniff my jock strap. They are weak and the fact that I am barely going to have to wrestle against these two pathetic fools is almost degrading. How am I going to prove my worth to the WEW when I am facing jobbers at best. Neither of these two men can stand up to Mason DeAngelo. At their absolute prime they are mediocre wrestlers at best. The fact that they are stepping into the ring with the greatest wrestler of all time is an absolute insult to me."

He smirked again as he let the crowd boo him again, the fans of the other two wrestlers trying their hardest to get the rest of the crowd on their side.

Mason DeAngelo

"I do not think you people realize just how great I am. You are all standing before the most mighty of wrestlers. A legend before his time. You see I am not complaining about my match, no, in fact I almost relish it. I take pride in the fact that I will be facing two other wrestlers and I am going to be having such an easy match. Even if this was a handicap match neither of these two stand a chance against me. You see, I have stood up to greater men, and I have defeated them all. These two are nothing but a joke to me. I can only hope that they decide to team up on my so that I can prove, once and for all, that there is not a single wrestler in this company who can even stand face to face with me."

He paused again for dramatic effect, letting the crowd wear themselves out booing him. The joy was obvious on his face and he let them go on before he continued on.

"I want to start with Austin Jacobs. The man who defeated a five hundred pound man in "record" time. Do you think that scares me? Facing a five hundred pound man is an absolute joke. Do you think weight matters to me? Do you think a five hundred pound man would last thirty seconds in the ring with me? No, he would not. Defeating an overweight, fatass, scum bag is far from an accomplishment. I am a NCAA wrestling champion, a men among boys, and if I was face to face with someone as out of shape as the man Austin Jacobs defeated I would merely laugh. I would laugh because I would know that the man I was facing was nothing but an overweight piece of trash who could not handle the athleticism and masculinity of Mason DeAngelo."

Again he paused to let the crowd boo him. He could tell he was winning over a few fans, if only a few.

Mason DeAngelo

"As for Zack Prayre.... the man is a nobody. What has he accomplished in his career? Absolutely nothing. I am an NCAA wrestling champion, a god among men, a shimmering light in an otherwise dark world. Zack is a nobody who will be nothing more than another check off the list of men that Mason DeAngelo has conquered."

He smiled again and stared out at the crowd, obviously pleased with himself.

Mason DeAngelo

"This Saturday I will prove why I am the best. I will show all of you that the men who step into the ring with me are nothing but a side show. Every one of you will see that I am the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in this ring. You will all know that I am the top dog of the WEW and that I deserve better than the Revolution championship. You will all see that Mason DeAngelo is not a mere jobber, but a champion. A man who rightfully has earned his chance at the world heavyweight championship. You will all know, Mason DeAngelo."

As the boo's poured over him again, he dropped the mic, and his music hit. He took a few moments to smile and lift his arms into the air before he made his exit from the ring. A look of confidence was all that could be seen on his face and as he exited the ring there was no doubting that he believed he was the greatest.
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