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 I'm not T&A... I am a female wrestler!

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Elizabeth Costello

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PostSubject: I'm not T&A... I am a female wrestler!   Sat May 12, 2012 12:15 am

The cameras fade inside the backstage area as Elizabeth Costello appears into the boiler room. The door is half open as a beam of lighting is shining through from the hallway. When the cameras enter the boiler room, Elisabeth has her hands raised up to her face extended across her cheeks. She smirks as she tilts her head up.

Elizabeth Costello: My pretty...

She wiggles her fingers through her hair and smirks.

Elizabeth Costello: I look to make my grand aWo debut this week on Wrestlefest as I outwrestle some random bimbo the aWo picked up off the streets. I am a talented and lethal female competitor as I look to shake up the entire division of sirens. No siren is a threat to my reign as Queen of aWo!

She sets her hand on top of her head and slowly kneels down to one knee. She tilts her neck to the side and smiles.

Elizabeth Costello: Michelle Dunn thinks she's going to have a great debut against me at Wrestlefest, but I will run circles around her. I am an experienced female wrestler who does not resort to cheap tactics to win. I enjoy bringing the pain and brutality to my opponents. If those women can't handle the heat, then they need to get out of the boiler room. This room is my favorite because it demonstrates just that: BRUTALITY! Unfortunately, I cannot bring that same brutality to my debut against Michelle due to the fact they booked us in a regular singles match. When we are locked in between the four corners, I am going to use her face to wash the canvas. I am going to use her skull to bang against the top turnbuckles repeatedly. It is going to be her back that collides with the canvas as she arches up, but too weak to stand on her own two feet. She is going to experience a reality that not even she will have seen coming. This is going to be her moment to share with the world. She will take this experience all the way to the bank because I intend to make her famous. She wants her fifteen minutes of fame, but she's going to have to work for it. I am not about to just let her get that fame without some kind of consequences. Getting that fame does not always include winning. If you do decide to stay in aWo Michelle, you better get on with the losing trend because you will be losing many matches to come. This is just NOT one match you will lose. You will lose your next match, then your next match, and then your next match. You will become the laughing stock of this division and the only person who will want you are the men that think you're easy in the sack.

She stands up from her knee and she holds her hand up to her face, biting down on her finger as she whispers to the cameras.

Elizabeth Costello: You're just a pretty piece of ass and that makes you a diva. You're not a wrestler and stepping inside the ring with a wrestler is going to be nearly impossible for you to withstand the torture I bring with me to the ring. Make sure you prepare yourself for the Ring of Pain because I will bring it all with me, Chelley!

She twirls around and starts to sway her hips from side to side walking further into the boiler room. As her figure disappears into the blackness of the room, the cameras fade out.
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I'm not T&A... I am a female wrestler!
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