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 Acts of God

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PostSubject: Acts of God   Fri May 11, 2012 11:53 am

The scene opens up to a very small, dark room room. The silhouette of
a man can be seen sitting on a stool in the center of the room, more
than likely facing the camera. This scene seems extremely familiar from one of Eli's recent videos. Suddenly the man turns around, to reveal the face of...Don Manly? Don picks up a cigarette and stares at it with his eyebrow raised.

So this is still haunting the youth of today? Even after all those commercials telling us how much these things suck for your health, idiots like Eli Sykes continue to use them. Not only does he smoke full well knowing it completely destroys his health, but he does it before a match with me. Such an annoyance when the man that you are facing simply leans back and takes a smoke while you are training through blood and sweat. This man Eli Sykes thinks he can beat me with ease and just use me as a stepping stone. Well things don't work that way bitch! while you sat there smoking your cigar bragging about how good you are and how you are going to destroy me and everyone else in this company, I was in the gym training and working out. I, unlike you, actually care about this business, and while I may brag about how I can beat people, I also back it up in the ring. I destroy my opponents, and when I'm not doing one of these things I'm out there in the gym working my ass off to better myself, yet my opponents sit around and do nothing but get high. Well I am about to show you all that I am tired of this.

Suddenly Don stands up angrily and walks over to a door. He then kicks it down and starts walking down the hall. A nearby ref is smoking a cig, and Don sees him and walks up to him.

Take that shitty piece of crap out of your mouth right now. Maybe if you didn't smoke this shit you could achieve more in life than standing around in a ring counting numbers for no more than fifty grand a year. If you didn't get so damn high all the time you could be doing something better with your life. Now get the fuck out of here you disgraceful "human".

The ref then looks up at Don and laughs, seemingly stoned.

Who's gonna make me bitch?

Don suddenly grabs the ref by his shirt collar and lifts him up. He slams the ref into the wall.

I am...bitch.

The ref just laughs again. He then spits in the face of Don Manly. Suddenly Don Manly chokeslams the ref to the ground. The ref squirms around in pain and Manly mounts him. He starts punching at the downed ref extremely hard. The ref is soon bloodied and several of his teeth are knocked out. Don Manly then stands up and spits at the unconscious body. Don then continues to walk down the hall as the camera man follows. Don walks out a door and into the city. He walks down to a gym and enters. He goes to a locker and slips off his shirt and stuffs it into the locker. He then heads out into the gym. He heads over to a punching bag and starts punching away. A big guy stares over at him with an eyebrow raised and seems to be impressed. The man walks over.

You may be good at punching bags, but I doubt you can beat a real man in a fight.

Don Manly then stops the bag and looks eye to eye with the man.

How much money you wanna bet?

The bigger man laughs and just shakes his head.

Sorry, I don't need money from strangers. I'm just fine beating the shit outta you right now though.

Try it.

The man laughs and Manly shakes his head. Don then starts to walk away when the man grabs him in a chokehold. Don Manly easily flips the other man over and quickly punches the man straight in the jaw. The man collapses and Don mounts him. The man tries to block but Don's shots are too strong and get through easily. Eventually the other man goes limp, but Don keeps punching. Suddenly cops come crashing through the front door and grab Don's arms, keeping him from attacking anymore. Don then pushes the cops away and starts punching at them. He knocks two down when a third runs up and tazes him. Don suddenly goes down and the camera fades.

The camera returns with a video of Don in handcuffs in an interviewing room. A cop sits opposite him.

Don, what the hell is wrong with you? You went off and put two men in a hospital and then got into a fight with five cops. Why?

I was annoyed with AWO. The management, the wrestlers. Everything about the company. It angered me and I went off. Simple enough for you officer?

Listen, with what you did we shouldn't allow you to continue wrestling.

WHAT?! I have a title match at ToF, you can't do this.

Well there is another option, but you won't like it. You have to be constantly monitored by officers, and they must accompany you everywhere.

Is there another option?

Yeah, you could also go to jail for a very long time. So what's your choice?

I'll take the security.

The cop then leaves. After a bit another cop shows up and takes him out of the room. The camera follows them and shows Don Manly being released from his cuffs and being led into a car with security in it. The car then drives away.
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Acts of God
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