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 Honesty is the best policy.

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Dane Jerez
Certified Anarchist
Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Honesty is the best policy.    Fri May 11, 2012 3:54 am

Do you know what’s wrong with the industry today?

It’s people like Rose London. Who does she think she is? Seriously, I am great. Bitch please, let’s put aside my usual modesty. I’m more than great; I should be in the Bank Heist match at Twist of Fortunes. But no, Rose had other ideas, she reckons my beautiful picture belongs is smithereens at the bottom of a shredder. That right there shows you why I don’t like authority. That right there exemplifies nearly everything I stand for, folks I hope you realise that last week you witnessed lunacy in its purest form. Congratulations Rose, you’ve officially and singlehandedly decreased the buy rate of the next pay per view. Anyway, back on to what’s important. I have a match that could and will send a message. I’m out to show a mistake was made and that my cause is only furthered by the recent wrongdoings.

The next person to fall victim to my ability goes by The Mortician. Let’s start with the formalities. First and foremost, if you’re going to address me, be respectful and correct. It’s Jerez not ‘Jarez’. My father was always particular about that, anyone who mispronounced it or spelled it incorrectly got the biggest of hidings I have seen. The man did have temper problems, which probably explains a bit. Secondly, I’m no kid. I’m a veteran in this business. I may be somewhat new to Anarchy Wrestling Organisation, but by no means am I an amateur in this industry. I’m seasoned in that sense. I’ve seen many an opponent laugh me off due to my size and most of them have got what they deserved. My height has rarely been a barrier and more often than not is an advantage. Doubt my skills if you want, just remember that you did when you leave the ring after being pinned for the count by yours truly. You exude arrogance, which you’re bound to deny, but when the average being is faced with the truth the call upon denial because they figure it is their best defence. It’s funny that you mention pain. You see, I know pain. I’ve felt it and dealt it. The latter more so than the former, however, I can safely say that your cliché nonsense is as unnerving as an elderly lady chasing after teenage hoodlums who have stolen her purse. If you’re too silly to make sense of the analogy, you’ve basically proven my point. What I’m saying is that you believe you’re clever and so you should, but your brains will have to exceed the brawn this time. Oh and I’ll be brutally honest, because I can. Your English is poor and your insults are worse. Your material is lacklustre and the way you have strung sentences together hardly makes sense. I’m not being your 3rd grade teacher, I’m being me.

Sincere and suave, that’s how I roll.
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Honesty is the best policy.
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