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 Not Looking to Lose Just Yet...

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Brandon Bash
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Certified Anarchist

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PostSubject: Not Looking to Lose Just Yet...   Fri May 11, 2012 3:26 am

Last Friday Night...

I sat up, frustrated. I held onto my jaw in pain after Shane Howlett hit me with a superkick. I climbed to my feet, not seeing Shane
anywhere in front of I prepared for the worst for as I slowly
starter to spin around. It's a good thing I was ready for anything, for
once I turned towards him, Shane had
jumped off of the top turnbuckle, flying right at me. That's when a
small smirk spread across my lips, and jumped up into the air as well. I
grabbed Shane's head while in
mid-air, bringing my right knee up while also leaning back during this
process. My back landed hard onto the mat, as Shane's
face came crashing down onto my knee, the momentum causing his body
weight to turn against him and add force to the impact of his face
crushing into my right knee as I hit a modified version of the Wicked Prayer. The crowd was up on their feet going crazy as this happened. Shane's
motionless body rolled over onto his back, as I quickly dropped on top
of him and hooked his leg. One...two...three! Just when I expected to
hear "All These Things I Hate" by Bullet for my Valentine, "Wretches and
Kings" by Linkin Park hit instead. I slowly began to climb up to my
feet as Xavier Serikaz made his way down to the ring. He climbed into the ring and walked over to me. Using his left hand, he lifted up the Anarchy Wrestling Organization
Intercontinental Championship up into the air with a smirk on his face.
He dropped his left arm now, propping the Intercontinental Championship
over his left shoulder and holding it in place. He would then extend
his right hand out to me, while speaking to me that could not be heard
by the camera man as he tried to get closer. A small, sadistic grin
spread across my lips as I extended my own right hand out and shook his
hand. Xavier then released his grip
and we both turned to our side. He would then raise my left arm up into
the air with his free right hand, using his left hand to once again
raise up his Intercontinental Championship. I then also raised my left
fist up into the air, the crowd going wild as questions began to arise
about this whole situation...

Fast forward to now, Thursday evening at an AWO Live Event...

The scene opens up inside of the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia(Since no specific arena was named on the card). In just twenty-four hours, this will be where the Anarchy Wrestling Organization's Friday Night Fusion will be taking place. The place wasn't packed, but there was a fairly decent turn up for the Fusion pre-show.
But, suddenly, the
lights in the arena flicker off. Some screams could be heard from the
crowd, as flashes from cameras were going off. Just then, the titan tron
lit up as "All These Things I Hate" by Bullet For My Valentine began to
play throughout the p.a speakers. As the song began to play, "Brandon
Bash" could be seen in white font on the titan tron, with my face in the
background, and "Wicked Prayer
Inc." on the bottom in the same white font as my name. As the song begins
to pick up, the titan tron shows clips of the things I have done here
in the AWO, as well as clips from past matches in past federations I have been in.

Once more I'll say goodbye to you.

Things happen but we don't really know why.

If it's supposed to be like this, why do most of us ignore the chance to miss...

Oh, yeah.

Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears, I'm not feeling this situation.

Run away, try to find a safe place you can hide.

It's the best place to be when you're feeling like...

ME! (Me!)

Yeah! (Yeah!)

All these things I hate revolve around me! (Me!)

Yeah! (Yeah!)

Just back off before I snap!

spotlight had shown
down on the stage as I stepped behind the curtains at the first shout of
"me." As the light from the spotlight hit me, I raised both arms up
into the air, my hands balled up into fists. The crowd stood on their
feet, applauding and yelling out at me. A small, sadistic grin crept up
across my lips, as I lowered my arms back down onto my side. I began to
walk down the ramp, the spotlight following my every step. It was then
that you could get a good look at just what I was wearing. A pair of
black cargo pants that I wore when in the ring with a pair of black and
white wrestling boots, a white "BB" logo on the outer sides of each boot
that resembled the old Daredevil "DD" logo. Covering my upper torso was
a new AWO "Brandon Bash" t-shirt that had the same "BB" logo from my boots on the front. Once I was halfway down the ramp, Lauren Brooke raised her microphone and began to announce me.

his way to the ring, standing at six feet, two inches. Weighting in at

Once again, the crowd goes wild. By this time, I had climbed into the ring and stepped over to miss Lauren Brooke.
She handed me the microphone she was using, and I nodded towards her in
thanks. She then climbed out of the ring as I began to pace around the
ring a bit, looking out at the somewhat packed crowd that was cheering
for me. I suddenly stopped in my tracks, as the grin across my lips
suddenly grew into a smile, making the crowd quiet down as I began to

"Thanks for the warm welcome, means a lot to me. I have been in this business for a good twelve years now, and I have to say...the Anarchy Wrestling Organization has put some of the toughest competition in front of me. Zeke Nero
had nearly put me away in my debut, but I had made sure early on in the
match that he would have trouble with completing his fierce Wolf's Bane.
If you go back and watch that match, you will see how I made sure to
take out his shoulder early on in the match. Which would go on to be the
reason he couldn't finish the move, and I would take advantage of his
pain and finish him off for the win..."

The crowd once again cheered after I said this, as the must remember me smashing my head into Zeke's
shoulder I had worked over, over and over and over again so he would
drop me. It was then that I seized the opportunity, lifting him now up
onto my shoulders as he had had me just moments ago, and connected with
the Wicked Prayer.

"And then there was Shane Howlett, the man I face last Friday on Fusion. If you look back on that match, he nearly had me down after a sick superkick. I give you props on that,
jaw was sore for a good two days after that. But, I hope you noticed
that I targeted his jaw with my first two attacks in the match. Sure,
this didn't have as much effect on the match as my targeting Zeke's shoulder...but you just might notice the fact that Shane
is holding his jaw as he is awaiting to leap at me on the turnbuckle.
Which just goes to prove that I am much more than a man who is more
known for wrapping barbwire around myself before splashing into my
opponent, or for simply being able to take a couple dozen chair shots to
the head and come back for more. Here in the Anarchy Wrestling Organization, I am able to show you all that I can do more than just swing a chair, or get hit by one. I can show you that I can actually wrestle. So, Mike Cole...I hope you know what you're in for tomorrow night."

The crowd began to boo at the mention of my next opponent, Mike Cole. Which caused my trademark sadistic grin to creep back across my lips.

"You see, Mike...the fact that you took out The Dark Angel and Cole Scorpio does not scare me. The fact that you have been placed into the Bank Heist Match at Twist of Fortunes...that
sparks my interest. You see...if I have already beat the only other man
in before-mentioned match...and I go on to beat you, and don't worry, Mike...I plan on doing just that, you would think that Rose London would know that I belong in this Bank Heist Match.
I mean, I'm not really looking to win any championships just yet...but I
am looking to make a big impact in this company. And, in my own
opinion...I am doing just that. My wins over Zeke Nero and Shane Howlett, as well as the controversy of having the "Enigma" himself, Xavier Serikaz, come down and personally congratulate me on my latest victory. Everyone keeps asking me about that...but, simply put, Xavier is an old friend of mine who just wanted to congratulate me personally. No big deal, right Mike?"

My grin once again grew into that of a sadistic smile after that last part, with the crowd going nuts at the mention of Xavier Serikaz' name.

"But, it's time to get down to business now, isn't it, Mike?
You obviously had a lot to prove last week. You did whatever was
necessary to not only win your match, but to make sure you were added to
the Bank Heist Match. Damn, Mike...kudos
to you. But, now your little roll is about to come to an abrupt end.
Either someone just doesn't like you, though it's obvious that there's
not many Mike Cole fans out here or
in the locker room, or they thought for some reason that you could end
up taking me out of the picture as well. But, guess what, Mike?
I'm going to have to go along with the first one...someone up in the
head office just doesn't seem to like you, so they booked you against
me. Because I'm not looking to lose just yet. Mike Cole? Mike Cole is not a scary man. The name 'Mike Cole' doesn't come near to striking fear into my heart, or the heart of anyone else. Why is this? I watched your Texas Bullrope Match
a few weeks ago. You got lucky. If the referee hadn't been knocked out,
everyone knows you would have lost that match. But, in the
doesn't really matter in fairness. The referee's decision is final. So,
for that...I congratulate you, Mike. It was a pretty impressive showing for a Texas Bullrope Match,
though I hate the fact that they just had to throw in my home state's
name into it just because everyone thinks we're all a bunch of redneck
cowboys. And damn, Mike...the way you took out Dark Angel
after you pretty much dominated him in your match. But, you know what
actually pissed me off about all of that? One little fact that made me
look forward to picking you apart, piece by piece this week? When you
put your hands on Lust...a woman. Did that make you feel like a big man, Mike?
Did it!? I didn't really know her, but that doesn't mean a damn thing.
She knew the dangers she would encounter by being a manager in this
business, but it still doesn't give you the right to smash her skull
into the mat with your Cole Finale? And then you had the audacity to wipe your boots off with her hair? You made one hell of a mistake by doing that, Mike.
That's just one thing that just royally pisses me off. If she was an
inter-gender competitor, that would be a whole different story. My wife,
Brooke...she was an inter-gender contender. She and our good friend, Hannah Walters, went on to win the Tag Team Tournament from Hell back in the ECWF. But, Lust? I don't quite think she was an inter-gender competitor. Mike Cole, you won't be remembered after tomorrow night. You might as well just be another picture going through Rose London's shredder. Because you won't be just another one to fall victim of the Wicked Prayer...Mike Cole. I plan on making an example out of you. After the wreckage I leave left of you after our match, Mike...everyone in the locker room will know that I'm not someone you want to piss off. My anger makes even the Hulk
grow green with envy and stay out of my way. You know, if he was real
and all. I'm pretty sure he would...heh. With that, I bid you good luck
on walking up that ramp without help tomorrow night after our match, Mike. I guarantee that you'll need it."

With that, I dropped the mic to the mat, and kicked it towards the apron nearest miss Lauren Brooke.
I then proceeded to drop down onto my back, and roll underneath the
bottom rope, landing on my feet on the padded mat outside of the ring.
"All These Things I Hate" by Bullet For My Valentine once again began to
blare throughout the arena. Once I was at top of the ramp, stepping
onto the stage, I turned back towards the crowd. A camera man was
panning up closer to me as I raised my right fist up into the air in
pure confidence of defeating Mike Cole tomorrow night. I then pointed my right index finger at the camera, yelling out "You're all mine tomorrow night in that ring, Mike Cole! Your Wicked Prayer will be answered soon!"
As the scene then began to fade to black with the image of me stepping back behind the curtains...


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Brandon Bash
Certified Anarchist
Certified Anarchist

Posts : 102
Pointz : 1272
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Join date : 2012-04-16
Age : 29
Status : #WickedPrayerInc.

PostSubject: Re: Not Looking to Lose Just Yet...   Fri May 11, 2012 3:28 am

I really hope that I can edit out the coding at the beginning that showed up for some reason...and I'm not sure why it spaced out the way it did. Someone reply back with permission to edit out the coding at the beginning, please. xD
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Not Looking to Lose Just Yet...
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