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 The Climax

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PostSubject: The Climax   Thu May 10, 2012 11:01 pm

The camera is set in an open graveyard, with fog spreading from the East. A tombstone appears with a raven and on its epitaph says ''The Sanitarium''. The Mortician appears with a motorcycle, wearing a bandanna, bowing down to the tombstone. '.

Critics say that it is very difficult to become who you want to become, because they can just open their desired mouth and talk all the blasphemy all the want, but to me, my fate is already sealed, and that is through AWO. Last week on Fusion, I told everyone from the locker rooms, to the board rooms, to the food courts, to the whole damn arena that I was going to kick the ass of the Santinanium guy, and he only lasted in the ring for a few seconds, and I told you that there will be mayhem spreading around and around the company's premises. Sanitanium felt the strong fear rush into his veins, and that made him paralyzed, thus making me beat the crap out of his ass. You see, the momentum I am having right now, and the fury that I am emitting from the roof tops of AWO isn't just a small thing at all. It is something that I would like to call as a ''spirit''. As I told you, I am no mortal. I am immortal. I've been through the seven stages of hell, I've had near death experiences, but still I am alive and well now. From every kid watching on their TV stations, to grannies knitting sweaters eating oatmeal, you are witnessing the new Messiah in AWO. Don't believe me huh? 90% of the roster here will obviously disagree on that because I am some sought of rookie right here, but what I am saying is pure truth. You can go ahead and judge what I am saying, but at the end of the day, everyone will be sleeping in their PJ's, and they will see me racing towards them with my motorcycle, not because I wanna beat them, but because they are witnessing the Bad Ass in the ring. Sanitanium was just a warm up for me because I knew that from the start, I was going to win the whole damn match, but it looks like there is a new adversary that awaits me in a few days, and his name is Dane Jarez.

Dane, Dane, Dane. Who the hell are you? I know you are a kiddo in the business, but at least say something. What do you have? Dyslexia? Anyway, I don't know who you are kid, but here is what's up. You don't know me, I don't know you, but you certainly need to know me because our next match is going to be serious. I defeated that Sanitary guy in the ring in a merely amount of minutes. From the looks on top, I c an defeat your ass by wearing a blindfold. Listen here pal, I want everyone to notice who they are going to see in the next upcoming weeks, whether of Fusion, or WrestleFest, you are going to have to wake up and smell the danger kid, because I am ready to dominate my yard. I am ready to unleash the mayhem, destruction and ravaging forces from myself, and let these forces do the work. No one here knows my agendas, my purpose of being here, or why I am here, but they certainly know that my goal is to become the AWO Champion. Ego? The ego comes no where close. I've been multiple World Heavyweight Champions, ever since from my Independent League, to the Premier, and it was a reign that impacted every city, every state, every continent in the whole freaking world. Why? Hardwork and determination. Two facts that can push to any limit, and I've obtained those factors, thus making me excel to become a newborn of greatness. I've been known as the guy who used to break bricks, or even twist metal pans, not because of my strong strength, it is because I am physically and spiritually strong. There is a big difference, but everyone will figure that out on Fusion.

Dane Jarez, you are coming up face to face against the biggest, baddest son of a bitch ever created from God. All I know that the hell I've had over the years has been nothing, either because of my father's death, or any endeavor, but the hell that I am going to give you on Fusion Saturady Dane, will be immense pain, and pain that not even shots can help you cure. I don't know how to say this but, I think the tip I am giving you in something worth advisory. Don't appear in the match, because if you do, I am going to be the Judge, the Juror, and the Executioner, and believe me, you do not know what you are in for, not even the roster of Anarchy Wrestling Organization. Let's look at the word ''Anarchy''. Anarchy means lawlessness or a turmoil in a specific event, meaning that anything can happen, but the Management won't need to call out security, refs or police officers to hold me back. One word that I can say is: YES! Dane, prepared for the unprepared. Wait for the incoming, because in the horizon, when I look at you from afar in the face, flash my motorcycle's headlights on you, and race down to get you, there is no escape. There is no escape whatsoever, but I determine whether to let you go, or set you free, and certainly the fans out here wants to see some ass whooping transpire. So the tombstone that you see next to me, was a tombstone that my master will treasure for weeks, now I am 1-0 in this company. The mayhem has just begun ladies and gentlemen. You can't flee from the inevitable. You cannot flee from something that has already been written, and on Friday, huh Friday will be something that the fans, and I, would love for.
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The Climax
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