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 Luck won't play a role.

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PostSubject: Luck won't play a role.   Thu May 10, 2012 5:05 pm

The scene opens up backstage where Lauren Brooke is standing alongside Alex Jester's locker room door, she knocks on the door and waits for a while before Alex Jester comes out.

Lauren Brooke:
Alex, Can you spare some of your time for a short interview?

Alex Jester:
Yeah, sure. I don't ignore interviewers like Anton Hinston.

Lauren Brooke:
When you came back you said that you are going to finish what's not done, and you are going after Aidan Raider, can you tell us more about this?

Alex Jester:
Tell you more? I thought I've said everything there is to be said, I thought I made it clear last week. Let me make it more obvious... I want a rematch against Aidan Raider for the world heavyweight championship, I don't care if it's on Fusion, or Twist Of Fortunes, all I care about is the vengeance, all I care about is kicking Aidan Raider's soft ass, all I care about is capturing the world heavyweight title, and when I do that, I assure you, I will make sure that you'll never see Aidan Raider's face ever again in this ring.

Lauren Brooke:
Tonight, you are facing Anton Hinston. He said that tonight you will be facing a different Anton Hinston than the one you faced before and he has changed, what are your thoughts about this?

Alex Jester:
Yes, Anton Hinston did change, he changed from bad to worse, he went from hatin' all day long to kissing these thick-headed twerps. He says he has the support of the fans now? That's like drinking from an empty cup..COMPLETELY POINTLESS, and you can't put a price on that because it's priceless, it doesn't need a price because it is pointless! Anton, you pretend that you need them because they are a source of motivation for you, no...That is not true, I'll tell you why you need them, like I said before, you need them to enable you, you need them to justify your failures with their support.

You say that you love to do this, and you'd do it for free...What is that you're talking about? [Alex Jester puts his hand under his jaw like he is thinking] Umm Failure? You are privileged to fail every week? Well you should, because after tonight, when I pin you 1 2 3, you will fail yet again, and you will have to embrace it and deal with it.

And Anton, let me tell you one more thing..Everyone knows I deserved that title shot more than anyone in this company, hate me or like me, you have to deal with the fact that I earned my match against Aidan Raider, and here is something ironic, I almost defeated every man there is to beat to earn the title match, I even beat the champion himself, I went through chairs to not get the title, but get a chance, just a chance. And you? You somehow got a title match, and you got lucky and you won.

But tonight, I know I wished you a good luck before, but I am taking that back right now, because tonight, luck will not play a role in the match, it will be about who is the better fighter, who is the better wrestler. Tonight I will outwrestle you, because I am simply a better wrestler than you could ever be.

Alex Jester leaves the camera frame as the camera fades black.

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Luck won't play a role.
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