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 Miller will TAP, or it will SNAP.

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PostSubject: Miller will TAP, or it will SNAP.   Thu May 10, 2012 1:06 am

The fans were confused whether to cheer or boo, because this theme has never been heard in AWO.

Jim Ross: Do you know who this is, Cole? I can't say I recognize the theme.
Michael Cole: Neither can I, Jim. I wasn't informed on any recent signings, either.

As the song continued playing, the Titantron flickered to life. The song played softer as a voice began to speak.

"I came to AWO to take names, claim championships, and kick the shit out of anyone who stood before me. I did that, for a moment, but sadly my dreams of winning a championship were ruined, when I lost a match to the former Tag-Team Champions, Cole Scorpio & TDA".

Some fans begin cheering, as they recognize who it is. The man continues speaking.

"You see, after the match, I lost my mind. All the time and strength I spent putting into that match, just to have it pissed away, because my partner didn't take it seriously? Well, Randall, I can't say I've forgiven you. But my sights are set on someone else. This Saturday, on Fusion, Michael Miller will face me... Austin, Fucking, CROSS!"

Pyro shoots across the stage as Austin Cross steps out from behind the curtain, gazing down upon the thousands of screaming fans before him. He grins, and takes off towards the ring. He slides into the ring gracefully, and hops onto the top rope, forming a Cross with his arms. He smiles, and backflips off. He does the same to the other three turnbuckles, before grabbing a mic and addressing the crowd.

Michael Cole: Oh my god, Austin Cross has returned! He has returned to AWO!
Jim Ross: Who would have thought that we'd ever see that man in the ring again?

Austin smiles toward the crowd, and began to speak.

"I know a lot of you guys have been left in the dark on my whereabouts for the last couple months... so let me explain. After my match at Phenomenon, I attacked Cole Scorpio backstage. I left him extremely fucked up, to say the least. Anyway, I was fired, and was never going to be allowed to come into this ring again... that is until very recently, when a "friend" of mine left the company. Actually, MULTIPLE of my friends left the company. And fearing a loss of viewers because all the older, tougher guys were leaving, they brought in me, a veteran of the game."

The fans cheer as Cross stops for a second, biting his lip and stroking his beard.

"But I'm not here to talk about the past, or feed my ego. I'm here to talk about my match at Fusion against Mike Miller, a newbie here. I've NEVER heard of this kid, and in the Pro-Wrestling business, that can be either of two things. He's a total pus-pop, or he's a new kid looking to make a name for himself."

The fans cheer at the mention of a 'pus-pop', and begin chanting the insult over and over.


Cross laughed and began speaking again.

"Only in AWO will you here people chanting Pus-Pop on Live TV."

The fans started cheering even louder.

"But back to business. They call this kid "McSexy"... what the hell? I've seen pictures of this guy, and he's nothing special. I mean, hell, he makes Anton Hinston look good... and it usually takes at least 10 shots to make that happen."

Laughter ripples across the arena.

"This kid is just a knock-off of everyone else that was great in this business, minus the talent and originality. And this Saturday on Fusion, I'll make sure that he doesn't have the chance to copy anyone else, when he is judged by the Cross Examination. Because if he doesn't tap, its gonna snap."


Cross grinned, obviously glad to be back.

"I've missed you guys, almost as much as I've missed kicking the fuck out off kids in this ring. Tune in on Saturday to find out JUST how much I've missed it!"

The camera begins fading...

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Miller will TAP, or it will SNAP.
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